Cryomassage of the face - reviews about the procedure

To begin with, it should be noted that the cryomassage of the facereviews of cosmetologists are recommended to be carried out only in specialized salons. Professionals believe that such a procedure, conducted at home, can not give such an effect, as salon.

Cryomassage of the face, reviews
With this it is difficult not to agree, but it is worthremember that the ice itself has a beneficial effect on the skin, which means that the cryomassage of the face at home also has a place to be. However - about everything in order.

Cryomassage of the face in the beauty salon

Women practicing professional cryomassagefaces, reviews about it leave the most laudatory. Indeed, this procedure has many useful properties. Thus, you can align the relief and structure of the facial skin, get rid of black spots and give it a more natural color, smooth out small and facial wrinkles, normalize the sebaceous glands, get rid of excessive dryness or fatness, improve blood circulation and increase the overall tone of muscle tissue. Regular cryomassage of the face (reviews of adherents of this procedure are unanimous) allows to considerably improve and rejuvenate the skin, it acts as an effective preventative against aging. What is the secret of cryomassage?

Face Cryomassage, price
It is very simple and based on the stunningeffect, which has a cold on our skin. And in combination with a professional massage, ice cubes or liquid nitrogen (which during the procedure is used in cosmetology rooms), they simply perform miracles, making our appearance more healthy and young. The effect, which renders salon cryomassage of the face (reviews of clients affirm this), is visible immediately after the procedure. However, to achieve a lasting result or get rid of any cosmetic problems (enlarged pores, warts, pigment spots), you need to take a course of 10-20 procedures. And then, ideally, the face cryomassage, the price of which ranges from 300 to 700 rubles per procedure, should become the same regular and permanent event, as, for example, for many a sauna or a sauna - once a week.

Himself a cryo-masseur

Perhaps this procedure, conducted in the homeconditions, and will not give such a quick and noticeable result, however, the constancy in this case is much easier for most women than for a cosmetic surgery.

Cryomassage of the face in the home
To conduct cryomassage at home inThe first step is to properly prepare ice. It can be based on herbal decoctions, fresh fruit or fruit juices or simply frozen mineral water. The composition of ice should be chosen based on its type of skin.

Many women are little familiar with basic techniquesmassage. However, every young lady should be aware of the massage lines on the face, after all the application of all creams, make-up remedies, and the process of their removal occurs precisely along the massage lines. When you walk on them with an ice cube, you (attention!) Are already doing cryomassage. It is important to correctly calculate the time - throw ice immediately, as the skin will cease to be nice.

It can be accepted that salon proceduresare more effective than domestic ones. However, if every morning instead of washing rub your face with an ice cube in the direction of the massage lines, it is quite possible that an expensive professional cryomassage will not be needed. Try it!

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