Melirovanie on light-brown hair and hair coloring in two colors - the features of the process.

Dye your hair for various reasons. With the acquisition of a new hair color, the possibility of a new life appears, because when painting, you can greatly change your image. Painting allows you to become noticeable and bright. At present, hair coloring is very common in two colors. First, it is very fashionable, and secondly, with the help of two colors, you can do more variants of the hair. There are many different colors:

-Means, to change the shade, they attachshade the hair for a short while. Such funds form a special color film, which is easily washed off. They should be applied to blonde hair, for example, highlighting on light-brown hair or white hair. The hue is very quickly washed off, after 2-4 times your hair will again become a native color.

-Soft colors, in their composition have a specialoxidizer. Give hair shine and a certain hue and saturation. Such paints are washed off after about 15-20 times.-Paints for durability, very good paints, which give excellent effect. However, they contain a very strong oxidant, which has a bad effect on the health of the hair. They should be applied to gray hair, in other cases it is better to use less harmful paints.

-Anthrasizing agents, used forlightening hair. Such products discolour hair. They must be used for dark hair color. If it is done melioration on fair-haired hair, as well as on blond hair, then such means will not work.

The melting was extended to the formertimes, just about this few people know. With the help of it you can hide your gray hair without using hair coloring. It makes men and women brighter and more attractive. By changing the hair in this way, you can express all your fantasies on your hair. But there are such types of hair straightening, in which the master can refuse to take up work:

-If there is perm or recently washair coloring, then there may be unpredictable colors, for example, highlighting on fair-haired hair, before it painted in a dark color can give a burgundy hue.

-Hair that has been painted with henna -If your hair is in terrible shape, then highlighting will only more clearly highlight your hair loss. In this case, you need to heal the hair.

Three types of hair changes are mainly used:

-digital coloring of hair in one color

-colouring of hair in two colors

Hair styling with one or two colors.

However, these are standard options, some peoplelove something unusual, they choose such hairstyles that are incomprehensible to most people. There are various types of hair styling. However, the most common way is using caps. From the holes of her are visible strands of hair, on which the powder is applied. In this process, lightening up to 6-8 tones occurs. But what to do if there is no special cap, but you can apply a regular cap for the pool. A plastic bag can also be used for these purposes. Then, from the holes, we take a few tufts of hair, remember that the thicker the strand, the greater the distance between them. Next, take the brush and carefully apply the paint on the hair. Then you need to hold for 15-20 minutes and go wash your hair. In some cases, you can set an alarm clock so that there are no sad consequences. Sometimes phone calls with girlfriends lead to sad consequences. To achieve the best result, you can apply a tint. This will cover the sharp drops. The roots will be darker, and the tips of the hair on the contrary will be light. The most difficult process is melioration on fair-haired hair, since it is easier to predict the final result on black or white hair, and fair-haired hair has many shades, this complicates the work of hairdressers. some customers even remain unhappy with the results. There is one more melioration, without perhydrol, but with the cream content. This kind will be to the liking of those people who have short hair, since it is advisable to use it only for the tips of the hair. Also this method is not suitable for people who have a dark hair color.

In any case, such a delicate process asmelirovanie on fair-haired hair, and on any other it is better to entrust to the qualified master then the result will be quite expected, without unpleasant "surprises"

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