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Today, several technologies are used,giving a light shade to the hair. So, here are a few basic, most often used in beauty salons: highlighting, coloring, blond hair and complete discoloration.

Hair blending

The choice of suitable lightening technology depends on such factors:

  • from the desired result;
  • from the condition and color of your hair at the moment;
  • from natural color, structure, type of your curls;
  • on the degree of influence of clarifying agents on hair;
  • from individual preferences and mastery of the stylist;
  • from the composition of the dyes of the clarifying agents.

The main objectives of clarification:

  • give hair a light tint;
  • refresh the natural color;
  • radically change the color of your curls;
  • reduce the fat content of hair;
  • prepare the hair for the next color;
  • give hair more volume.

Hair blonding and its features

Full lightening is called staining hair insalon in colors, starting from a dark blonde, ending with an ultra-light blonde. Modern dyes and clarifiers used by beauty salons stylists contain many restoring and protective components. And also in their structure there are all humidifying and nutritious components which allow to reach the necessary result of clarification, and thus to save vitality of hair, and also to give to them sparkling shine.

Blonding hair - the procedure is simple: special clarifying agents are applied over the entire length. Then the master controls the process.

Hair coloring in salon

Light and shatens are best clarified, somewhat more complicated - chestnut and red, and the most problematic - brunettes.

If the hair is damaged and subjected to chemicalor they were painted with plant-based dyes, and you have sensitive scalp, then it's better to wait with blonding, of course. In the meantime, you need to heal and restore hair, scalp. If you do not have contraindications to lightening, then you need to determine the shade of the blonde.

The best hair color, exercisingblonding, is able to light the hair on a couple of tones and keep at the same time or even improve the structure of the curls. The procedure is carried out in 2 ways - a clarifier or paint. After blonding with a special clarifying agent for further color equalization, as well as for the care of your hair, hair toning is used.

When blonding dark brown-haired, brunettes and red-haired, natural, naturally-muted and natural colors are most often recommended.

The best hair dye

For light-brown, light brown-haired and naturalblondes of color recommended by specialists, natural and natural light shades: sun glare, golden hues, milky creamy range, light beige, mother of pearl, pearls.

In the 2013 season, the hues will be fashionablewheat, light walnut, ripe apricot, caramel, as well as light blond and honey-golden. Therefore blondirovanie hair and this year will be no less relevant than in the past.

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