Haircuts kar 2011 - the most fashionable this year

Haircuts kar 2011 - very popular and relevanthairstyles this year. Still, because quads - one of the most versatile haircuts, which fits almost every girl. And the variety of types and variations of this haircut allows you to try on that one, then another haircut based on a square, if the classics get bored.

This year again returns to the top of the fashion hairstylequads: a cascade, asymmetric and torn quads, a haircut with elongated side strands, a sphere-ball and many others please fashionists. Leading fashionable hairdressers offer a closer look at this popular haircut, and special attention when choosing a hairstyle to give a bang - it should be perfect.

So, the most fashionable haircuts kar 2011:

The elongated square. The length of the hair is to the middle of the neck, sometimes to the shoulders, while the front strands are slightly longer than at the nape of the neck. This haircut is able to transform your image, add elegance and femininity to it, and also visually extend the short neck.

Graduated square. Girls with the wrong face oval are perfect for this haircut. It consists in the fact that the length of the hair strands is equal to the length of the bangs, and the subsequent layers of haircut are longer than the previous ones. This haircut looks very stylish and expressive.

Double square. The haircut is carried out according to this scheme: on the occipital area, two steps are cut out, as a result of which one line of hair is sharply replaced by the other. This haircut looks bright and original, its two-stage form attracts the attention of others. However, this hairstyle should be treated with care very carefully - it is rather complicated and time-consuming.

Cutting square with bangs. The most classic version of the square, which, no matter what, does not go out of fashion. To a simple variant is added a bang, which is thick or sparse, straight or oblique. In 2011, the emphasis on bangs advise to make the majority of designers, so it's worthwhile to look closely at what kind of bangs of all the variety will suit you.

"Crochet on the leg." This type of haircut kar 2011 also weighs on all the known for a long time. The name of the hairstyle comes from the shape of the haircut on the occipital part - the length of the hair at the nape is much smaller than on the sides and on the crown - this creates a resemblance to the so-called "leg". This hairstyle is great for young people, it will refresh your image and add to it the enthusiasm.

Square with an angle. With such a haircut, the front strands are longer than the main hairstyle, and the cut of the hair is at an acute angle towards the face. Haircut looks great both with a bang, and without it, but if you need to hide a too massive forehead or visually shorten a long face, it is better to pay attention to the variant with a bang.

Haircut bean curry. Actual, popular and stylish look for elegant and refined people. Scheme of haircut bob kara differs from simple quads only by the absence of bangs and perfectly flat cut line. Hair length in such a haircut can be different: from the middle of the ear and up to the shoulders.

Short hair cut. Hairstyle is characterized by an open, short cropped back and fluffy voluminous hair in front. The length of such a haircut is not more than the level of the middle of the ear.

"Ragged." A modern and trendy hairstyle for the most daring and unpredictable girls. In such a haircut, the strands must be milled, the effect of torn hair expresses dynamism, liveliness and mobility. Another feature of this haircut is the relatively simple care and many transformations of the hairstyle.

Haircuts kar 2011 - the most popular anddemanded hairstyles this year. Before choosing a haircut you like, consult a hairdresser or a stylist who will help you make the right choice, emphasize your haircuts with your dignity and hide flaws. He will also talk about the features of care.

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