How does the shampoo work to straighten the hair?

Straightening hair, like a wave, is inevitableharms the structure of the hair. However, recently, cosmetologists have created a safe straightening product. This shampoo for straightening hair, thanks to certain components, gently affects the structure of each curl, without violating its natural structure.

shampoo for hair straightening

Nature of curly hair

The fact is that straight and curly hairdiffer in the form of the section. Under a microscope, a circle is clearly visible in the section of an absolutely straight hair, and the curly has an oval cut. The action of the shampoo for rectifying the strands is aimed at approximating the section of the hair to a round shape.

Composition and action of the rectifying shampoo

The effect is achieved by weighting the hair. Shampoo components:

  • sodium laureth sulfate;
  • lauryl sulfate sodium (this substance is also called "sodium hydroxide");
  • silicone (or panthenol);
  • castor oil (or other healing oil for hair).

By enveloping the hairs, these substances pull them down, somewhat changing the shape of the section, because even after washing off, some of the components of the shampoo remain and continue to function.

shampoo for hair straightening reviews
In the light of this it is clear: do not expect that keratin shampoo for straightening hair will make them perfectly smooth, as with thermal straightening. But the curls do not get stronger in the humid air, as it happens with the laying of "ironing". Strands become more docile, less curled, easier to lay down.

In addition, shampoo for hair straightening, bothusually contains a lot of useful caring substances: natural proteins of silk or wheat, extract of ivy and other herbs, beneficial for hair, keratin. And also in the composition is especially useful for hair vitamin B5 and other components. So he not only straightens the unruly hair, but also protects them from the corrosive effects of the environment. And in the first place - from hot air from the dryer and the negative influence of ultraviolet rays.

Manufacturers of straightening shampoos

To date, shampoo for hair straightening is present in the range of many cosmetic brands.

The products of Gliss Kur are quite highquality, and it is easy to buy in any household chemistry store. The new straightening shampoo of the company "Asian smoothness" works well, the effect persists for 24 hours, the product contains nutrients - the hair becomes elastic and silky to the touch.

keratin shampoo for hair straightening
Excellent performs its functions and shampoo SexyHair, but it's harder to find it in stores. But curls straighten almost completely, they become soft, pleasant, they get a healthy well-groomed appearance. In addition, preventing the appearance of split ends is a very valuable property that this shampoo has for straightening hair. Reviews of consumers about it - only positive.

Smooth Straightening Shampoocontains a maximum of useful for the hair vegetable oils, which allows you to moisturize and nourish them from the inside, restoring the damaged areas. This shampoo still contains anti-static ingredients.

When choosing a straightening shampoo,follow your own experience, not forgetting to carefully study the composition. It must contain the components listed above. Shampoo for hair straightening will work more effectively together with other care products, such as special balm and conditioner.

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