Bio-tatu - the breath of antiquity on your body

Probably everyone wanted at least once in their livesTo create with his appearance something unusual, but irrevocable changes frightened. Bio-tattoos of henna made it possible to transform the appearance quickly and without extra effort. This ancient art of drawing drawings on the body can easily make a unique novelty in appearance, without making cardinal and frightening changes.

Historical reference

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The art of drawing native drawings with the help ofhenna appeared in Ancient Egypt about 5 thousand years ago. At that time noble persons wore original symbols on the body. However, it was in India that such patterns were not simply decorated, but carried in themselves a sacred meaning. Drawings were made before solemn ceremonies, mainly before weddings. In ancient times, such ornaments could protect, bring good luck, happiness, and also have a sexual character and be symbols of fertility.


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Now, as in ancient times, patterns on the bodyor bio-tattoos make henna. This paint is obtained from the dried leaves of a high plant - Lawsonia. Powder, made from the leaves of the highest branches, has an excellent coloring ability. Natural henna is brown, it is absolutely safe and has some disinfectant properties. Bio-tattoos are made not only by henna of brown color, but also by black, red (the dye is added to the original composition). It is important to note that the pattern, made with natural paint, lasts much longer. Black tattoo can please the landlady and the surrounding people for a week, and any other color - just a few days.

Preparation for patterning

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To bio-tattoo kept on the skin as possiblelonger, it needs to be pretreated: to peel and remove the hairs at the future location of the pattern. If this is not done, then after the pattern disappears from the skin, the paint on the hairs will remain, which will look extremely unaesthetic. Another important stage of preparation is the choice of the pattern. You can find a bio-tattoo, a photo of which you liked, and already with him go to the salon or choose on the spot from the proposed. You also need to choose a place on which to apply the pattern. It should be remembered that the longest time the ornaments made with henna are kept on the hands and feet. The wizard will carefully spread henna on the drawing with a thin brush, so this procedure is absolutely painless. After 20-30 minutes, when the composition is completely dry, it will remove all excess.


bio tattoo
Within 24 hours after application of the pattern, it is forbiddentake sunbathing and visit the solarium. A few days it is necessary to wipe the picture with eucalyptus oil well. In addition, bio-tattoo masters are advised not to apply the pattern to the same skin area too often. It is very important to take a break for several months (at least two!) To avoid the appearance of an allergic reaction. Applying henna tattoos is not only a great way to express yourself, but also an excellent "rehearsal" before applying permanent. It is important to remember that a real bio-tattoo can not stay on the body for several months, so these suggestions are a lie. Take care of your body!

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