Elegant men's haircuts with shaved sides

If you stop an ordinary citizen on the street andask him the question: "Do they like fashionable men's haircuts with shaved sides?" - then most likely the majority will say that they do not belong to punks, that's why they do not understand the intricacies of their style. Of course, first of all, our imagination draws a sort of Iroquois on the head of the informal. Although shaved whiskey does not mean belonging to the representatives of the subculture at all. Even a brutal Mohawk is, more likely, a penchant for shocking and military-style.

Men's haircuts with shaved sides
But by and large men's haircuts with shavedsideways signify a return to the elegant gangsters of the twenties of the turbulent twentieth century. In the English version, this immortal masterpiece of a hairdresser's thought is called Undercut. In the childhood our grandmothers named this hairdress even easier - under a pot. Indeed, the hair at the nape and in the temporal region is cut very, very short, almost to zero. But at the top of the strand is left much longer, and the border between "nothing at all" and vichras is not smoothed. On the contrary, all the charm in contrast. A bang for such a hairstyle will have to grow.

Stylists are very fond of such an emphaticallycourageous, but extremely exquisite (yes, and do not need to be frightened by this word) image that the men's haircuts of 2013 abound with a variety of variations of Undercut.

man's haircut with shaved sides
Slightly reminiscent of the above ganglandimage style urban. Translated into everyday language - urban. It is characterized by hairstyles with strongly shortened temples and occipital zone in combination with an elongated parietal region. Similar to what we described above? It seems, but not quite. The transition from one length to another is carried out smoothly and almost imperceptibly. At the same time, there is no such clearly expressed, needing a constant styling bangs. In the people, this very practical man's haircut with shaved sides can still be called "under Fritz." More elegant option - "Hitler Youth".

Hairstyle is surprisingly versatile. It is appropriate for both a teenager and a mature man. Trying different ways of laying, you can give yourself the appearance of an English aristocrat (a smooth parting, neatly lying hair, tamed with gel) or a provocative youngster with locks sticking out in different directions.

Men's haircuts 2013
Men's haircuts with shaved sides will requirehis master a certain attention to himself. You'll have to learn how to use the fixation tools and dexterously handle the hair dryer. To the hair on the vertex do not crumble in disorder, after washing your head should get soaked with a towel. Rub a little mousse on the palm of your hand, then apply it to the sticks. Next, we arm ourselves with a hair dryer and dry our hair, directing them with the hairbrush upwards and slightly back. In the final, we give the hairdress the final form using a drop of gel or cream for styling.

Trying on a variety of men's haircuts withshaved sides, try to objectively correlate the vintage image with your appearance. Such hairstyles visually stretch the face: if for the chubby companions this is a blessing, and for those who possess the ideal oval, in general, it does not matter, then guys with a narrow, elongated skull should probably look for a different haircut.

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