Are the hair cut off? Treatment is found!

Are the hair cut off? Treatment is found! At home, you can get rid of bifurcated tips, but only with full adherence to the recommendations below. And with complete rejection of thermal effects. What will help in this fight?

split hair treatment

Secrets of hair: treatment and tips

In order to begin the fight against split-offsends, they will have to be cut, albeit for a little bit. This must be done to ensure that the bundle does not go further. How and with what frequency is it recommended to do a haircut? First, it is desirable to be cut with hot scissors, because in this case they "seal" the hair endings and will not allow them to "part" further. Secondly, in no case is it possible to cut off the split hairs by itself. Thirdly, the haircut should be done every two months to permanently get rid of the spoiled ends. Fourth, after washing use special indelible sprays or serums.

home mask for split hair

Secrets of hair: treatment at home

Is it possible to get rid of the visited ends withusing self-prepared masks? Of course, it is possible, but for this it is necessary to make these masks regularly and follow certain rules. First, there are no thermal effects on the hair, otherwise the masks against split ends will be ineffective. Secondly, there are no plastic combs that injure the structure: only natural bristles and only after the curls dry up completely. Thirdly, regularity. Only with such care hair will please with its condition. So, what can be done at home so that there are not untidy double ends?

masks against split ends

Home treatment: recipes

So, for home masks, we need one of thevegetable oils. It can be burdock, almond, and coconut. It is important that the oil is slightly warmed. The mask can be made both for the entire length, and only on the tips: before each wash for two hours, apply the mixture on the hair, wrap your head in a polyethylene bag, and on top - in a warm terry towel. Another home mask for split hair is gelatin. Or, as the girls themselves call it, homemade lamination. We need food gelatin and a little hair balm: dissolve a tablespoon of food gelatin with three tablespoons of warm water, add as much hair balm and leave for swelling. At this time, wash your head and dry it with a towel. After twenty minutes, heat the mass in a water bath, apply to damp, clean hair. Next - everything is the same as in the previous recipe. It is worth noting that over the towel, it is advisable to warm the hair with a hairdryer to enhance the effect. Gelatin has a gluing effect, and therefore it reduces the stratification of the hair. Are the hair cut off? Treatment should be started immediately, since if the bundle goes further, it will be difficult to fight with this. You should regularly get rid of the tips of hair in the cabin to avoid their splitting. And to maintain the effect and strengthen the hair will help the best home masks, which can be made easily and quickly.

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