Biomechanics - a tattoo style that conquered thousands

Biomechanics - tattoo style, which has long beenpopular. He looks unusually and uniquely captures his eyes. There is only one nuance: usually this is a large-scale work, which should be performed only by an experienced and high-quality master. Otherwise, there is a risk of walking afterwards with the partache (a badly done tattoo).

mechanics of tattoo


So, what is biomechanics? Tattoo is a visual illusion of the human body in the form of a mechanism. For a simpler presentation, you can cite a well-known example - the movie "Terminator." This is the main plot: to represent the human part of the body, stylizing it for the detail of the machine or some mechanism. Sometimes other elements look like mechanics. The tattoo can be executed in the form of the image of fantastic unearthly characters, which correspond to such concept, as the cyber-organism. This is the principle of this style of tattoos.

In not infrequent cases, "Mechanics" (tattoo) looks likemetal part, as if bursting from under the skin. And people who like to densely clog, decide on large-scale work and make in this style a whole fragment occupying a certain part of the body. Often performed "Mechanics" (tattoo) on the shoulder, chest, leg, hand or even on the palm. In general, there are lots of options, the main thing is the imagination and skill of a specialist.

mechanic of tattoo photo

Interesting details

"Mechanics" - tattoos, photos of which show usreally painstaking, detailed work of tattooists. They are often performed in the form of chips, wires, boards, hinges. All this can be combined with metal frames, bolts, gears or even with engine parts. Here everything depends on the sketch and wishes of the person.

By the way, biomechanics is also called organic. It should be noted that this is one of the newest trends in the art of tattoo art. And to make a really high-quality image on the body in this style, you need to try. The basic principle is the intertwining of living flesh and metal. Transitions, the integrity of the picture and how organically the tattoo will look on the body are important here.

By the way, a very interesting style iscilque. He also refers to biomechanics. And the idea here lies in the image on the human body of the details of the clockwork mechanism. New cheekbones are also interesting: cyber-weaves look very fascinating. And of course, we can not fail to note steampunk - science fiction. Steam engine, mechanics in general and civilization - that's the idea of ​​this style.

mechanic of tattoo on shoulder

Specific features

Perhaps, the crown visual effect in thisThe case is the so-called ruptured skin. It should like to open a part of the body so that the mechanical components of a person can be seen. There is a mass of such ideas, and all because masters come up with a variety of combinations of electronic devices with living bones and flesh.

This style has appeared due to the fact thattechnology very quickly began to develop recently. There is no symbolism in these tattoos. People who choose this style, determine their choice of aesthetic and visual preferences. Some emphasize in this specific way their secret fantasies. Needless to say, these tattoos look really impressive.

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