Beautiful skin of the face is an indicator of the health of the body.

Beautiful skin of a woman's face or a man's will involuntarily attracts her eyes to her
surrounding. But, in addition, it is also an indicator of the health of the body as a whole. Unfortunately, there are not so many women who possess from nature a smooth, supple facial skin. In addition, a lot of external factors lead to skin aging. This is bad ecology, lack of vitamins in food, chronic fatigue and other, not always depending on us reasons.

To beautiful face skin preserved for a long time, it is necessary to remember three rules of care for it:

- regular and thorough cleaning;

- protection against dehydration;

- protection from ultraviolet rays.

As cleansers it is good to usescrubs, prepared at home from natural ingredients. For example, a mixture of ground coffee beans (two tablespoons) and mixed with a small amount of milk cleans the skin well. Such a mixture should be applied to the face, massage for three minutes in a circular motion and rinse with warm water.

To have a beautiful face skin, in the homeconditions can be prepared and the mixture for deep cleaning. To do this, take one tablespoon of olive oil, grated carrots and semolina and apply to the skin, rubbing with massaging movements.

If the skin is very sensitive, a mildA scrub of a hundred grams of sour cream, thirty grams of cognac and egg yolk. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days and used in the morning and evening.

Massage with a slice of ice after morning cleansing will prevent dehydration of the skin and slow down the aging process.

In addition to these three basic rules, in orderthat was a beautiful skin of the face, it is necessary to regularly use nourishing and moisturizing masks, especially in the event that it is necessary to eliminate any defects. Before applying it on the face, you need to determine the type of skin. It depends on this, what kind of mask should be done, so that there is a beautiful skin of the face.

The effect of such cosmetic proceduresis based on the fact that, thanks to the active active ingredients contained, the masks contribute to the influx of blood, thereby improving the blood supply to the skin. In order to have a beautiful face, similar procedures that feed its useful substances should be carried out at least twice a week. It is not recommended to keep the face mask for longer than a quarter of an hour, but to enhance its effectiveness, a facial massage can be used. Such nutritious cosmetic procedures are recommended to be spent in the evening, while moisturizing - in the morning.

To have a beautiful face skin, in the homeconditions, you can prepare not only masks for certain types of skin, but also universal. So, the mask of fresh cabbage leaves is suitable for all types of skin. To the person it is possible to put whole leaves, and it is possible to grind them in a meat grinder and mix with egg white or with yolk respectively for oily and dry skin. With signs of wilting, masks for the fading skin of the face will help to cope. One of them consists of one grated carrot, mixed with egg white. In the mixture should be added a teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of starch. Any mask for the fading skin of the face should contain not only nutrients, but also have a toning and smoothing effect.

Doing masks at home, make sure thatyou are not allergic to any of the ingredients. The choice of folk remedies should also be treated with caution. For example, infusion or a decoction of chamomile so dries the skin, that it can be used exclusively for those who own oily skin.

It would be wrong to think that to achieve beautyskin can be exclusively using cosmetics, compresses and massages, that is, applying only the external effect. A very important factor is a balanced diet saturated with vitamins.

The effect of beautiful skin of the face can be achieved by any woman who provides comprehensive care for her skin.

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