Meltdown "veil": description of technology, features and reviews

Hair is an ornament of every woman and the basis of herattractiveness in the eyes of men. Therefore, the beauty industry thrives so much. In any salon you can offer a whole galaxy of procedures for skin care, hair and nails. And it should be noted that in recent years, the movement of the healthy lifestyle and the natural beauty of women are gaining popularity. Aerobatics - nyudovy make-up and gentle melirovanie "veil", reminiscent of sunlight on the female head of hair. Will this trend suit you?

highlighting veil

What is the highlighting?

Simple painting is no longer in honor, since itgives a homogeneous cet of hair. But melirovanie leaves room for imagination. It is the coloring of the hair with individual strands. The process itself consists in mixing the natural and selected hair color. Melting allows you to revitalize the color, give volume and change the image, without resorting to radical measures. There are many varieties of highlights, but they all imply partial coloration. Due to this delicate approach, the procedure suits both young girls and age ladies. Through melirovaniya you can successfully mask the gray hair and update your hair.

melioration of hair veil


Stylists are creative people and they do not mind at experiment over hair. Therefore, new types of melioration appear regularly, based on a combination of special techniques, color combinations and paint application schemes.

Very popular is the American highlights, whichis very difficult to perform. On the hair is applied up to five shades of color, and the strands themselves are wrapped in foil. The classic option is a combination of red color with copper, orange, red or burgundy. Today, basically, the base is represented by calm colors or neon-bright, such as purple, yellow or green. This technique is especially important for dark hair, as it gives them fluffiness and mobility.

But the French melirovanie - "mahimsh" - "refers to gentle procedures, since it uses paints without ammonia. On the locks, flickering glare is created, the highlighting goes evenly with a smooth transition of hues. Alas, on the painted hair such melirovanie to carry out it is impossible, as the color can unexpectedly turn out. After henna, the hair becomes a fiery red.

Shading "shatush" also gives a soft result withtransition from dark roots to light tips. It is like burning hair in the sun. The technology of melioration consists in the transverse staining of individual strands. The method is universal, since it is suitable for all girls without exception.

Among the popular varieties also neednote the Brazilian marking and the technique of "balayage." The first is technically difficult, but it makes it possible to make brighter hair brighter, hiding all the signs of gray hair. At "balajage" is used several shades with smooth and sharp transitions.


Under the "veil"

Among other things, the highlighting of the hair is "veil".This technique is a dyeing of the upper zones of the hairstyle with thin strands not more than 3 mm thick. From such a lock, a strand is selected in zigzag for highlighting. In the course of work, a foil is used, on which a clarifier is applied. The strands are covered with a composition and covered with foil. It is possible to use several sheets of foil for one strand. The melting of the "veil" involves the painting of solid braces, but very thin and at an angle. In this technique, the strands have an even color along the entire length.

hair veil

Who is especially going?

Melating with the "veil" method is very impressivelooks on light blond hair. Ideally, you should choose the tone of ripe wheat. On blond hair, the staining process will be rapid, especially if you previously underwent straightening, perm or coloring procedures. Before staining, test for sensitivity. For light blond hair, choose a lighter or darker tone for a couple of digits. The result is a shimmering honey hue.

Very nice and bright melirovanie "veil" looks on the hairstyle of the square with short and semi-long hair. The work will need foil, paper napkins, polyethylene clear film and a tablet.

Why is this technique so called? The fact is that the strands are flashing solidly, without omissions. By the way, mainly hair is melted from the inside. "Veil" in this case is complete, as a translucent layer of light strands permeate all the hair.

By the way, this kind of coloring is verygoes to girls who have haircuts with a clear outline. When the hair blows the wind, they will play and pour into the sun. You might think that your hair is covered with a weightless veil with a translucent texture.

melioration hair technics veil

Pros and cons of highlights

Among the advantages of staining,ability to shade the skin, mask gray hair and overgrown roots. Also melirovanie "veil" generates a game of shadows and light. This is the best option for girls who want to repaint themselves in the blond, but do not dare to do it.

The drawbacks of the melioration are the durationprocedure and its high cost. In the chair of the hairdresser will have to stay for 2-5 hours, and the purse will "lose weight" by 4-8 thousand rubles on average. The maximum amount is not limited. Melioration can not be done if less than a month ago a perm was made or you used henna for a long time. In the latter case, the result may be unpredictable.

Technical question

So, you decided to update the image and try it outhair highlights. The "veil" technique is a very soft, but effective way to change the appearance, since the natural color is preserved, but is enriched due to the clarified strands and the overflow effect. Hair begins to play, as if covered with a thin fleur.

At the top of the hair is not worth staining, but becausethese strands are separated from the main mass. Next is the coloring of thin lines in a circle or line. After one layer you need to skip a couple of centimeters and again do the whole procedure. It is not necessary to lighten the hair exactly from the roots. You determine the length and intensity of staining. Do not be afraid to experiment, but know the measure. Just for such sparing experiments, the technique of "veil" in melting hair is important.

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