All the secrets of coloring. Coloring of light hair: staining features

All girls like to change, to becomemore beautiful and more effective. It is quite simple to achieve changes in appearance, it's enough just to cut your hair or make it up, make a new styling. It is coloring and is one of the most popular ways to change the image. Many ladies in the pursuit of a new style begin to color their hair as early as adolescence, continuing throughout life. Of course, chemical procedures injure the hair, and it is not always possible to achieve the desired effect. There are a lot of ways of coloring hair and every year their quantity only increases. If a couple of decades ago our grandmothers painted hair only with henna and basma, now we have such procedures as coloring and highlighting.

Coloring - professional coloringHair, which uses several shades of paint (2 to 15). These shades, as a rule, are close to each other. The procedure for coloring involves the coloring of individual strands of different colors. Painted can be like all the hair, and part of them. Coloring is performed either on the basis of a natural shade, or completely coloring the hair. In the best way, this kind of coloring is suitable for those who have brown hair. Coloring the blond hair gives them a visual volume, splendor, radiance.

The peculiarity of coloring is that it can beit is both longitudinal and transverse. Of course, longitudinal staining is most popular. Gradient "coloring" is chosen for yourself by lovers of transitions from dark to light, but you can achieve an excellent result only by contacting a real professional. Cross-staining at home will require a lot of experience and taste.

When coloring paint is used asbrightens persistent, and toning. If the client wants an extravagant hairstyle, the master advises applying a quick-flushing paint. When painting in natural and lightening shades, you should choose persistent paints.

Coloring of blond hair

Coloring of light hair has its ownfeatures. To choose a shade, blondes should be approached more carefully than brunettes. It is important to take into account the color of the skin, eyes. Most fair-haired ladies are like coloring, combining warm honey hues. If you want to "cool" your hair, choose ashen, but not gray hues. You can try to play with reddish and dark shades. Many create the effect of overgrown roots with the help of a dark dye, gradually brightening the hair to the tips. I must say that not always it looks really stylish. The most popular for blondes is the Californian coloring, which creates the effect of sunburned hair.

Coloring on blonde hair most oftenIt is carried out by strong paints with supra, therefore it is necessary to concern attentively to structure. It is possible that it will harm the hair, make them lifeless and dry. If you want to make the coloring of blond hair, then it's better to contact a professional, do not experiment on the head of the house on your own.

If you decide to try this procedure at home, then you should remember a few tips:

1) If you do not want to choose the colors and shades that you will combine yourself, then you will get a ready set for coloring.

2) Coloring of light hair, as well as dark and red hair, like any other dyeing procedure, should be performed on dirty hair.

3) Do not try on the hair at once a few shades, for the first time 2 colors are enough for two tones lighter or darker than natural.

4) The colored strands should not be more than 5 mm wide. Separate each strand with foil, so as not to stain the rest of the hair.

5) The paint when coloring should be kept no more than 40 minutes, so that the hair does not "burned".

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