Why do hair quickly become fat? Causes and Treatment

There are many reasons why hairlook unhealthy. In some cases, this indicates serious enough diseases. The most frequent complaints are dandruff, as well as dryness, greasiness, thinning and hair loss. In the article, we will try to explain why the hair quickly becomes fat, and also consider ways to get rid of this problem.

why hair quickly become fat

Greasy hair. How to fight?

If girls walk with loose hair andoften touch them with their hands, they can suffer from this unpleasant phenomenon. What if the hair is fat for this reason? Undo from the bad habit of constantly pulling hair, after which the problem will be solved. If the sebaceous glands begin to produce too much sebum, then this condition is called oily seborrhoea. Most often, young people suffer from this. With this disease, the scalp looks shiny and oily. Hair quickly absorbs all fat, looks straight and greasy. The hair is even glossy in the acute form of seborrhea. On hair it is possible to notice fat scales which are formed from falling away cells in connection with surpluses of fat. If you touch such locks, then on your hands will remain traces of sebum. Usually, simultaneously with this disease, a teenager can suffer from acne and increased greasiness of the facial skin. Such integuments are a favorable habitat for pathogenic bacteria, which can lead to serious hair disease.


What to do if greasy hair

The main reason why hair fastbecome fat, is the following: there is a disruption of the endocrine and nervous systems. This is revealed after an appropriate examination. Try to immediately identify the reason why the hair quickly becomes fat, and start courting them.

The flour rushes to the rescue

If you have oily seborrhea, then you need to regularlyremove excess fat and fight dandruff. The version that hair can not often be washed is necessary, as it can promote the spread of dangerous infections. Try to wash your hair every 5 days with sulfuric or egg shampoo (but not more often). A very frequent head wash can speed up the sebum secretion process. Rinse your hair only with soft, warm and lightly acidified water. To do this, prepare a special solution - in 1 liter of water, dilute 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

What to do if the fatty hair is already on the second daylook untidy? In this case, we recommend that you use a "dry sink". To do this, using a cotton swab and flour, it is worth wiping the hair for individual strands. After the procedure, comb the hair with a comb to clear the head of the remains of flour. This method is a real salvation for people who have fatty hair.

Oily hair how to fight

Effective method

We hope that we answered the question about whyhair quickly becomes fat, and you now know how to prevent it. Another effective method will help you to improve the scalp: rubbing with a cotton ball moistened in a 5% solution of borax or vodka, in which you need to add lemon juice in a ratio of 1/10. The main thing is to start treatment on time, and your hair will look well-groomed and healthy!

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