Gray Hair: Cause and Treatment

We are not surprised when we see older people withshock of gray hair. This is quite understandable - age! But, as a rule, after discovering a few gray hairs, we fall into despair: since the gray hair appeared, it means that the youth has passed. Or maybe it's still for age? Maybe, in this way, our body lets us know about some problems that have accumulated inside ourselves? Maybe it is the consequences of nervous experiences and stresses? Let's not guess and understand why there are gray hair, the reason for which appears to many to be a mystery.

gray hair at an early age
What's going on with them?

Mother Nature, each of us has endowedindividual hair color. What we will be - brunettes or blondes, brown-haired or fair-haired - determines in our body melanin - a special pigment contained in the hair bulb. The lower its content, the brighter our hair. Gray in general, it is devoid, and the cavity inside the hair is filled with air bubbles. Therefore, the older we become, the more in the structure of our hair is the bubbles and less melanin. And one day we will all be gray.

Why do we grow gray before?

Scientists claim that although melanin is quitePersistent pigment, but it is also exposed to external influences. Its resistance is influenced, for example, by chemical aggressive substances, which we use for dyeing hair. The paints destroy the pigment, the hair burns out under the sun and becomes dull.

But trichologists, who are studying early gray hair, argue that there are several different reasons for the appearance of gray hair before the time.

1. If gray hair appears early, the cause may be due to genetic disposition. In early grayed parents in 90% of cases, children will also have early gray hair.

gray hair cause

2. The second reason is less pleasant - some diseases of the internal organs. It can be anemia, lack of vitamin B12, thyroid dysfunction, impaired pigmentation processes in the body and much more.

If we can not affect the geneticpredisposition, then in this case the process of graying can be tried to stop. A thorough examination of the body will put a correct diagnosis and explain why gray hair appeared. Treatment of the causes of their appearance should be conducted in a complex, and then we can at least suspend this unpleasant process.

3. Stresses, nervous experiences and stresses are also the cause of the appearance of untimely gray hair.

During stress, there is such a strong releaseadrenaline, that the blood vessels are as narrow as possible, blood and oxygen cease to flow into the cells of the hair bulb, and it dies. In this case, gray hair at an early age does not appear immediately, but when the new hair replaces the old one, you will notice the gray hair.

4. Exhausting diets and lack of vitamins in the body also become one of the reasons for the appearance of snow-white strands. By the way, copper deficiency can lead to this pathology.

gray hair treatment

5. If gray hair appears prematurely, the cause may be hidden in the loss of bone mass and the development of osteoporosis. In this case, after consultation, the doctor will advise you to include in the diet products containing more calcium.

Gray hair - this is not the reason for the tragedy. Just need to do your health and yourself. If it's genetics or age, then you'll have to put up with it. And if you find a gray hair, the cause of which is easily eliminated, then reconsider your usual diet, regularly eat vitamins, lead a healthy lifestyle and try not to get nervous. And the aging process that has begun can be suspended, at least for a while.

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