Is your hair color fair? Learn 5 Ways to Become Bright and Attractive

Nature did not reward you with chic chestnut hair, or seductive light? Have you lost yourself since childhood against the background of bright contemporaries?

The problem is obvious - your hair color is light brown. In this case, it's not only the color, but that the natural blond hair color has this feature: the hair is thin, and the hairstyle does not seem very good. Therefore, they want to do something with them, but they are easily damaged. But do not be discouraged. There is a solution, and it is waiting for you.

5 ways to bring your natural blond hair color to a more attractive:

  1. Highlighting. In the case when your hair color is light brown, partial staining will be a good way out. Since in this case your hair will damage only in part. And at the same time, highlighting visually adds the missing volume. And this is exactly what you need. Your hair will become more lush in appearance and well-groomed.
  2. Coloring. It differs from the previous one in that all the hair is stained, but in different shades. With the right approach, you will not look like a fighting cock. If the colors are chosen close, then the difference will not be noticeable. But this will give a multifaceted color and visual volume. And, it is not necessary to radically change color. You can look quite natural.
  3. Persistent staining. Natural blond hair color is easily damaged by chemical paints. Therefore, choose gentle, without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. They will help you and will harm you minimally.
  4. You can use toning. For example, honey, caramel color or the color of cinnamon. So you give the hair a nice shade.
  5. Just those who have fair hair color, you cantry to lighten up with natural remedies. You will need lemon juice and water in a 3: 1 ratio. Apply the solution completely to the hair, or partially, as in highlights, and recover to walk in the sun. This procedure can be done several times. Only how exactly your hair will respond is difficult to predict. So stay tuned for the result.

Perfect color. How to choose the right one?

If your hair color is light brown, then it's unlikely yousuitable burning bright and dark flowers, as well as fiery red hues. To understand this for sure, it's best to "try on" new hair on special sites or to look into the store where wigs are sold. So you will see the finished result and you will be able to evaluate it.

The best option is to choose a color for 1-2 tone or lighter, or darker than yours. Then you will look natural.

Pay attention to your eye color. Brown perfectly match with golden, honey, wheat tints. In this case, it is better to lighten the hair a little.

Blue eyes are ashen to cold shades. And you can use light chestnut or graphite colors. Bright eyes will be advantageous to stand out.

How not to spoil the hair?

  • Ideally entrust yourself to a good master. But if you decide to change the image yourself, then remember that the color shown on the package will look different on your hair.
  • When choosing a color, refer to the tone number.So light-brown shades are usually denoted by the numbers 5, 6. Clarifying tones begin, as a rule, with 10-ki. They will be too aggressive for you. Therefore, choose for clarification numbers 7, 8, 9. The numbers that stand after the main denote shades.
  • Before painting, do not wash your hair for 2-3 days. Do not paint after a perm. If you use henna, it is better to grow hair. Otherwise, the result may be unpredictable.
  • If you dye your hair for the first time, then start applying the paint from the tips, they are painted more slowly. If tinted - on the contrary.

And do not forget that staining, especially lightening, is not the end of your problems, but only the beginning. Now you will need to constantly take care of your hair.

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