How to make hair styling at home

Melting is a way of coloring individuala hair dowel. Recently, it is very popular, because in pursuit of beauty, women try to try everything. Strands that differ in color from the rest of the hair visually make the hair more magnificent and thicker. Besides, hair straightening is simply very beautiful. This method of dyeing is more sparing, as a small part of the hair is exposed to coloring, while the others retain their natural color.

When a woman wants to domelirovanie hair, the question arises: to conduct the procedure yourself, or entrust all work to the master in any salon. You can use the first option, but it will still be better if the dyeing is carried out by an experienced specialist. The fact that melirovanie is a labor-intensive process, because when staining a dowel it is important not to touch neighboring hair, as they too will become stained, which means that it can turn out on the head that it is incomprehensible. If the master is a professional in his field, he will help to choose the most suitable shade for melioration, he will also prepare the paint and color the strands uniformly throughout the head.

But since a modern woman does not always have enoughtime for beauty salons, even hair styling sometimes has to be done at home. Not bad when there is a friend next to you who can do, otherwise you will only have to rely on your own strength.

How to make highlights at home

First of all, you need to prepare everything you need: a paint of the right color, a brush, a comb with a sharp handle, a glass plate, hair clips, an old towel, gloves.

  • Carrying out the hair styling is most convenient before the big mirror.
  • Ingredients of the paint must be mixed in a glass plate as prescribed in the instructions.
  • Hair should be well combed and divided into several sectors and secured with hairpins.
  • Melioration should begin with the back of the head, dyeing it, go to the crown, sides and front of the hair.
  • With the help of a pointed end, the hair is detachedhair, which must be colored. The brush is wetted in the paint and held in a straight line. Stain should be good, so that the hair is completely covered with paint.
  • Thus it is necessary to paint allThe rest of the string, gradually moving from the back of the head to the forehead. In each row, there should be about 3-5 colored dots, and the number of lashes themselves depends on the density of the hair.
  • To prevent melted strands from touching other hair, they can be wrapped in foil.
  • How much to withstand paint on hair in many respects depends on what shade you want to get. The average time is 20-25 minutes.
  • When the time runs out, the hair should be rinsed with water until all the paint has washed off. After this, rinse hair with a conditioner or rinse hair with a balm.

When the roots of the colored strands grow back, a repeated
highlights. It is not necessary to completely color the strands, just apply the paint on
roots, wait until they are painted, and comb to make a smooth

What to look for

  • It is very difficult to make a mark for yourself:The arm or hand is tired, not always it is possible correctly to allocate prjadki. Here you can advise the following: strands make thicker and place them further apart. So the hand will be less tired, and the staining will be more accurate.
  • If you want to spend melirovanie on dyed hair, then you need to remember that after the hair coloring must pass a minimum of 7 days.
  • It will not hurt to pre-test an allergic reaction to avoid severe consequences during staining.
  • Meliration can not be done if there are wounds on the head or inflammation takes place.
  • For painting, metal objects, including dishes made of the same material, can not be used.
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