Why do you need fashionable haircuts for boys, or How to make your baby even more beautiful?

For any parent, his children, of course, the mostbeautiful, but "do not spoil the porridge with oil," so why not make them even more beautiful? Fashionable clothes are, of course, good, but it's nothing if your little gentleman does not have a stylish hairstyle that complements his appearance and reveals the inner world. So today we will try to figure out what fashionable haircuts for boys exist and how to choose them correctly?

short haircuts for boys
Some moms think that choosing a hairstyle forboy - it's easy, but in fact it's not at all the case. After all, fashionable haircuts for boys should not only be beautiful and please the eyes of mom and her friends, but also do not interfere with the child while eating and studying. Boys generally look much less in the mirror than girls do, so their hairstyle should be very practical and maintain their shape regardless of the activity of the child. And it is unlikely that weekly trips to the hairdresser - it's convenient for parents! Once a month - this is the best option, but first you still need to choose the right haircuts for boys!

Tips for stylists to choose hairstyles for boys

In addition, even short haircuts for boys should skillfully hide all the flaws in the head, especially in toddlers up to 3 years old, and also fit under the shape of the child's face.

Fashionable haircut for a little gentleman

For the round shape of the face is ideal for curvy hair on the vertex and long at the sides that visually "stretch" the face. Also in this case the fringe is contraindicated.

For a triangular face, asymmetrical hairstyles with a long bang are best suited, which will distract the view from the disproportionate forehead and chin.

With an elongated shape of the face, it is best to leave the curvy hair on the sides - and the face will appear wider. Also, a long bang that covers a part of the face is quite useful.

But the lucky owners of the oval face are verylucky, because they fit any hairstyle, but she still should hide the unevenness of the skull as much as possible. A wonderful idea is also shaved drawings on the head, which became the main trend of this season.

Types of fashionable haircuts for "real gentlemen "

Popular haircuts for small boys - this,for example, hairstyles in the style of "hedgehog". They are easy to care for and neat - you just need to trim the tips in time - and your child will always look perfect! However, the main problem is their prevalence. Of course, you want something special for your child?

fashionable haircuts for boys
Another fashionable haircuts for boys - it's "bean". You just need to wash your hair and brush your hair - and your baby's hair will always look beautiful and well-groomed. However, it all depends on the nature - a small fidget is unlikely to be comfortable with such a haircut, and you do not want to let your child look sloppy?

Fashion hairstyles with a long bangs

haircuts for little boys

Haircuts "half-box" and "box" combine pluses"Hedgehog" and "bean", which makes them comfortable in everyday care and beautiful. In a word, an excellent solution for active children. With this hair style in some places, hair is cut short, and the bangs are combed on the side or ruffled, which beautifully highlights the expressive eyes of your "little man".

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