Coloring the Rattleshop - Summer in the Hair

Summer, the sea and the sunny beach - that's what comes inhead, when you see hair, painted in the technique of the stoop. This is not just a highlight. The stylist achieves a natural look of burnt strands. The effect of a very smooth feathering of a lighter tone is created. At the same hair at the roots remain darker. Stainting of the bobbin visually adds volume to your hair, the hairstyle looks more impressive. Strands are highlighted with highlights, they seem to come alive, shimmering in shades.

stooge coloring
To satisfy the curiosity of beautiful ladies,note that originally so denoted a very soft finest cashmere, the production of which was the wool of Tibetan lamas. Shawls from this material called Shatush. The dyeing technique spares your hair, giving it a natural shade, without making them stiff and brittle.

Before you throw everything and run to the salon,you want to know how to achieve such a delightful result? Well, there is nothing easier. Staining of the rattles begins with the division of hair into a set of thin strands. The master carefully combs each of them and applies a coloring composition, slightly receding from the roots. Thanks to the comb, a shading of the tone is achieved. The foil is not used. The professional will cope with the whole process in about forty minutes. If you have already tried to do highlights, you know that traditional technology takes much more time.

Rattan machinery
The technique of the sixties will require an adjustment of the monthin two or even three. Since the border between the natural color of hair and colored strands is very blurred, you do not need to injure your hair every four weeks. Such a method of melioration will appeal to girls with sensitive scalp. The roots of the hair are not treated with dye, so you can safely tone the sticks, not being afraid to earn irritation.

Stylists do not make a difference between blondes orbrunettes, advising both to try a new color. Ratush will give light hair more expressiveness, transform boring dark-brown strands. Brunettes with this technique can successfully hide the layers of colors. Gray hair is also not a hindrance. If the percentage of gray hair is not more than thirty, then you do not need to darken the general tone first. "Stretching" the color will correct the flaws of the previous staining or disguise the strongly overgrown roots.

stooge technique
Undoubtedly, the longer the hair, the brighterthe effect of burnt strands is manifested. A short haircut does not allow you to make a beautiful feather. In this case, the stylist will offer another, no less interesting technique of coloring. But on the average length of hair, you can already make the stoup painting. This will add a twist to the classic bean. Hairstyle will look bigger and more bold.

At home, it is unlikely to be donesuccessful "stretching" of color. Even in spite of the fact that the products have appeared on sale from well-known cosmetic brands, promising to achieve the effect of sunburned hair. An experienced master is easier to assess the condition of strands, the percentage of gray hair. He will take into account the layers of shades from previous stains. It is unlikely that it will be possible to prepare and comb the hair straighteners on its own. Do not feel sorry for the money. Address to professionals. Especially since your next visit to the salon can be postponed for two or three months. But in the end, you will get a chic mane of hair, which in the middle of the harsh winter will remind you of the hot summer.

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