"Callas" (shampoo): review, description, composition, types and reviews

Find a suitable cosmetic for the hair, which will provide full-fledged care, is not easy. TM Kallos gives a wide range of professional and consumer products for hair.

A little about the company "Callos"

The company Kallos is from Hungary, but in the lasttime it has gained great popularity in Eastern Europe. Its founder is Janos Kallos. In honor of him, the firm was named. This brand produces high-quality hair care products that have an acceptable cost, so today any woman can afford to have Kallas shampoo ("Callos").

For thirty years on the market, thewithdraw their own patented formulas, which they use in the production of hair products. Advantages of the company are that they use high-quality raw materials and provide consumers with a huge range of hair products in the form of shampoos, masks, sprays, balms.

Kallos products

The company pleases consumers with products that are divided into two types:

1. Professional means.

2. Consumer goods.

Their difference lies in the price and scopeuse. Professional funds suggest use in salons and at home. Consumer goods are intended solely for home application.

The following Kallas remedies can be classified for sales hits: shampoo with banana, keratin, chocolate, multivitamin, with vanilla, botox, coconut, protox and jasmine.

Each of them has a specific purpose:

  • strengthening of hair;
  • care for colored curls;
  • taming disobedient hair;
  • fighting with dandruff;
  • intesive care for damaged hair;
  • care for thin hair.

On this assortment of shampoos "Callos" does not end, so everyone has the opportunity to choose a product, depending on the type of hair.

Shampoo "Callas" (keratin)

shampoo callas keratin

As you know, hair on 78% consist of proteinsubstance called keratin. It contains a complex of minerals and vitamins. The task of keratin is to protect the hair from destruction. Many artifacts include an artificially created keratin molecule, which is identical to the natural substance. The presence of keratin in such products provides full-fledged care for the hair. Hair after use of such products find a healthy shine and silky. This tool was released by the company Kallos. Shampoo, which is based on a dairy product and keratin, cleanses the hair and restores its structure. It nourishes locks with all necessary substances, strengthens and moisturizes them.

Composition of shampoo "Callos" with keratin

The composition of the shampoo is not exactly organic, but in itthere are natural components in the form of keratin and silk proteins. It also contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). This substance is less harmful, compared with SLS. The manufacturer offers a shampoo with a face value of 1 liter or 500 ml, which is very beneficial and convenient for users. This is one of the main advantages of the company Kallas. Shampoo with keratin is a universal remedy. It will perfectly cope with the cleansing of hair and scalp and will take on the task of an air conditioner. Curls after its use are easy to comb and shine.

Novelties of shampoos "Callos"

Company "Callos" has already had time to pleaseconsumers of shampoo lines and a mask based on black caviar. Such a component is famous for its rich composition and strengthening qualities. Caviar fills the cells with energy and promotes their regeneration. Useful substances in the form of minerals, fats and proteins fill the voids in the hair structure and restore them.

shampoo callas reviews

What other innovations did the company Kallos release?Shampoo with liquid protox component strengthens weak and thin hair. The product gently cleanses the hair, and panthenol, olive and coconut oil deeply nourish them. Shampoo is perfect for damaged and split hair.

callas shampoo

Another no less popular tool isshampoo "Callas Multivitamin". The following vitamins are included in this energy shampoo: B3, B5, B6, C and E. It also includes an extract of ginseng, orange, lemon and avocado oil. All these active ingredients help to moisturize and restore hair. The agent accelerates hair growth and prevents their loss.

shampoo callas multivitamin

For the effect to be noticeable, it is necessary to use the tools in a complex manner. Shampoo and mask "Callas" will moisturize the hair, give them shine and strength.

Masks for hair Kallos

Masks of the company "Callos" are designed forrestoration of hair structure. They help to revitalize the curls and give them shine and smoothness. The company produces a huge range of masks. Some of them are applied for a certain time, after which they are washed off, and some are characterized by an instant action, they are sufficient for holding on to the hair for no more than 1 minute. All kinds of masks are applied to damp, washed hair.

shampoo and mask callos

The most popular masks of the company "Kallos" include the following:

- mask with keratin;

- mask with a cherry;

- mask with a banana;

- mask with milk protein;

- mask with algae;

- mask with ginseng;

- mask with aloe.

Mask "Callos" with keratin for all types of hair

One of the most effective product masks"Callos" is called Keratin Hair Mask. This product is suitable for all types of hair. Its components protect the strands from the negative influence of surrounding factors. The product is produced in different volumes, so everyone can buy for themselves the most acceptable option.

shampoo callas

Active components of the mask are milkprotein and keratin. Substances contribute to healthy hair, nourish and moisturize. It is best to use the products of this series in a comprehensive manner. To cleanse hair, you can use one line of "Callas". Shampoo and mask with keratin will complement each other's action and provide full hair care. After applying the means, dry and dull curls will shine in a healthy shine and gain strength.

Masks company "Callos" - a great alternativesalon care. This budgetary mark can replace expensive professional means. To achieve a noticeable effect, experts recommend using a complex mask and "Callas" shampoo. Customer testimonials indicate that the funds from one series provide full-fledged care and give tremendous results. Large volumes allow the use of products over a long period, which is very convenient and profitable from a financial point of view.

What consumers say

Girls who already had time to try on themselvesbrand products, it is recommended to use means of one line "Callas". Shampoo works fine with a mask from the same series. According to consumers, shampoo with keratin does not solve the problem of oily hair, but it copes well with their moisturizing. The product perfectly foams and rinses hair well. A liter of pot is enough for a long time, so you do not have to puzzle yourself every time by choosing a new shampoo. Some girls complain that the hair after using shampoo with keratin is badly combed and strongly confused, so it must necessarily be supplemented with a mask or balm.

Another universal tool of the company ismultivitamin shampoo "Callas". Reviews about him in most cases, positive. Its main advantages include price, volume, pleasant smell. The downside is the lack of a dispenser, which makes the shampoo uncomfortable to use. Girls note that after the remedy, the curls become soft and obedient, shine appears, there is no need to apply conditioner. Shampoo is great for long hair that breaks and splits.

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