How best to color hair in blonde?

Many women use different means tostaining to dramatically change or emphasize your natural hue of hair. Among the means can be used as natural long-known dyes (henna, basma), and chemical professional.

Beauty salons offer different types of hair dyeing. Among them are:

Toning and coloring. The first characterizes the coloration of hair in toneone color, and the second - in several tones of one more bright color. Tinting is better to use when choosing a color, since the sparing dye is quickly washed off. Coloring allows you to make a bright touch for a modern stylish hairstyle through the use of red, bright orange and other shades.

Highlighting - allows partial coloring of hairin blonde, namely - to lighten individual strands. The professional should suggest how best to perform highlighting - on individual strands on the entire head, or on several strands of chisel. The procedure allows you to make light blond hair more vivid and sparkling, so it is more suitable for owners of this natural color.

Bleaching hair - the name of the procedure speaks for itself: The master conducts a full coloring of hair in the blonde. It should be noted that this is especially harmful to the hair and when repeated use without proper care, there is a possibility of their partial loss.

Lightening Hair - allows you to make the hair color one or more shades lighter. The result is achieved due to the destruction of the existing pigment, a significant part of which is destroyed.

Hair coloring in blonde is bestcarry out with the help of 3d technology relating to one of the methods of coloring. This is due to the fact that with the usual discoloration of hair, the color turns unnatural and far from the numerous flashes of natural blonde hair. 3d technique of dyeing hair literally turned the notion of color. During the procedure, individual bands, the choice of which is performed by the master in strictly defined parts of the head, stains inside. After that, other stripes are stained in a different shade. Thus, the shading is applied, which is usually 2-3, which creates the effect of naturalness. In addition, 3d technology allows you to give your hair volume and makes it shiny.

New technology involves the use ofseveral tones, one of which will be the basis, while others or others will act as its complement. Coloring the hair in a blonde in this way is becoming more relevant in our time, because the result is amazing.

As already mentioned, dyeing the hair with basmainvolves the use of natural dye. The beginner should always take into account that basma should be used only in combination with henna, in order to avoid the transformation of your own hair color into bright green. This dye is known since ancient times, it was used for dyeing hair, first jeans, clothes. Gradually, coloring of hair with basma has become very popular, as it not only makes them dark, but at the same time makes them healthy: it stimulates growth, improves shine, strengthens the roots. Its very valuable property is the ability to eliminate dandruff. It is for these reasons that basma is used as a dye for today.

Types of hair coloring are different.To determine the color, type of paint and procedure, it is better to contact a competent specialist. This is especially important with an exclusive selection of colors and difficult staining. Modern television presents a lot of colors, with which you can paint your hair yourself at home. Such paints are very convenient for staining grown roots, but a uniform tone over the entire length of the hair will only be obtained with the availability of professional skills.

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