"Ganesha" - a tattoo for fans of culture of India

Fans of Indian culture, of course, know aboutgood deity, patronizing merchants and merchants, writers and artists, researchers and travelers. It has an elephant's head with wise eyes, short tusks, blue skin, and his name is Ganesha. Tattoos with this deity are very popular among fans of the history and culture of the East, as well as among the followers of Hinduism.

ganesha tattoo

The image of Ganesha

Like most Indian deities, GaneshaHas a figure of a fairly powerful complexion. Often he sits in a lotus position, his feet closed. By the way, his legs and hands are anthropomorphic, which only emphasizes such an unusual trait as an elephant's head.

The hands of the deity often decorate the painting of the mehendi, sopopular in India, and throughout the world. Traditional Indian clothing is another distinctive feature that Ganesha often has. Tatu with this character is distinguished by a special color.


This tattoo refers to religious. Even in people far from Hinduism, the image of a blue elephant is associated with exotic, distant countries, ancient cultures.

ganesha tattoo value

"Ganesha" - a tattoo whose meaning is firmly connectedwith good energies. Wisdom, self-control, development of talents and inner potential - this is what gives the good deity of the image carrier. And Ganesha helps to overcome difficulties and instructs on the right path.

Places of application

"Ganesha" - a tattoo that is customarily applied onshoulders, forearms, shoulder blades, hips. The choice of location depends on the size of the picture, as well as on its complexity and detail: the more small details, the more space an image will require. The size of this tattoo varies from the smallest, which is applied to the hand, to the huge, in the whole back.


For tattoos in the Indian style is characteristicuse of bright shades. "Ganesha" is a tattoo, which is often done in color, painting the deity in blue, and its clothing in orange, yellow, red tones.

No less impressive are black and white sketches, which allow to reveal the talent of the master in working with shadows and highlights. A quality tattoo will look bulky and lively.


Usually, experts identify Indian tattoos in a separate stream, one of the directions of the ethnic style. Do not forget about the religious background.

In our time, the image of Ganesha is widely used by fans of the new school, watercolor tattoos, such styles as Chicano, Trash Polka, realism.

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