Sleeves - tattoo on the whole hand

Most often the tattoo is applied to the most openpart of the body is the arm. From time immemorial, on the upper limb, a drawing was made not only for the purpose of demonstrating one's status, but also for beauty. The hand is the most moving part of the human body. In addition, it is at this point that the picture will be seen with the greatest probability. That is why people so often "hammer" their hands. Tattoo on the whole arm is called "sleeve" and is very popular in the modern world.

tattoo on the whole hand

History and varieties

As is clear from the very title, a tattoo of this kindThe species has a fairly large area and is applied to the hand, thereby imitating clothing. Since ancient times, the tattoo has a protective character. People believed that drawing on the body would help them protect themselves from dark forces and evil spirits. Now the tattoo on the whole hand is applied, most likely, not for the purpose of amulet, but for beauty.

The length of the sleeve can be different. It depends on the sketch you have chosen and individual wishes. Often you can find a tattoo on the whole hand. This is a classic type of sleeves. Also a fairly common option is a tattoo sleeve three-quarters. Most often, this tattoo is made from the shoulder, not reaching the wrist. A tattoo is also considered a sleeve on a half-arm. The image can be placed both from the shoulders to the elbow, and from the elbow to the wrist. There are also tattoos the size of one quarter. In the event that you have stuffed such a tattoo, starting from the shoulder, you can easily hide it behind a t-shirt.

Selecting a picture

The choice of men often falls on large tattoos: on the whole hand or on three quarters. But women love more miniature images on their hands. In addition, they adhere to more smooth and gentle lines when selecting a sketch for the tattoo on the whole hand. Men's photo tattoos of sleeves most often show us that a strong sex gives its preference to hard lines.

tattoo for the whole hand men's photo

In general, there are no specific rules forselection of drawing for sleeves. You can choose everything that the master in the salon will offer you. Tattoo on the whole hand can be performed in both Blackwalk style and using a large number of colors. For sleeves, you can choose absolutely any pattern: flowers, animals, landscapes, motifs of patterns of different peoples and so on ad infinitum. It may even happen that you initially did not plan to score the whole hand, but only made a small tattoo, but gradually supplemented it with others, combined everything with a common theme and eventually got a tattoo on the whole hand. "Men's" sketches of sleeves can be found a little more often than "women's", but still both sexes are equally fond of this kind of tattoo.

Some nuances

male tattoos for the whole hand

In order to make a sleeve, it will take considerableamount of time. In fact, this is a very long and laborious work. If you have chosen a sleeve for the whole hand, then, most likely, to fill it completely, it will take about 6 sessions. And one session lasts no more than 4 hours, and the intervals between them - a couple of weeks. Since this tattoo will take a large place on the skin, it is better to plan in advance the sketch to the smallest detail, pick up an experienced master and take your time.

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