Cosmetic clay for face masks

Today, the cosmetics market offers a huge choicecare products designed to preserve youth and beauty - a variety of creams, emulsions, tonics, lotions, whey. However, natural remedies are no less effective and more affordable, for example, such as cosmetic masks for masks. For the face, correct and systematic care is very important, only by giving your skin enough attention, you can count on a long-term effect.

clay for face masks

Clay is one of the most ancient means ofskin care. It contains many mineral salts and valuable microelements: magnesium, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron. With proper use, clay can not only reduce wrinkles, dry pimples and acne, cleanse the skin and eliminate irritations, but also have a real rejuvenating effect.

Having decided what problem to solve, among the great variety is easy to find clay for masks, for the face with the skin of your type.

Types and properties of cosmetic clay


This species is most in demand in cosmetology. It deeply, but gently cleanses and whitens the skin. White clay has excellent antiseptic properties and well helps in the treatment of acne. It is ideal for oily skin - it perfectly absorbs sebum, dries, narrows pores, eliminates bacteria. White clay is suitable for anti-aging masks, since it helps to produce collagen.


The clay exerts a disinfectant, tonic andmitigating action. Blue clay for face masks with skin prone to acne and acne is an excellent cleansing, soothing and bleaching agent. It struggles with such problems as inflammation, flabbiness, wrinkles.

pink clay for face


Such clay possesses sorbing properties,saturates the skin with oxygen, removes toxins. It removes wrinkles, nourishes the skin, restores elasticity and elasticity to it. Suitable for fading and flabby skin.


It contains red and white clay,due to which it has useful properties of both kinds. Refreshing and regenerating effect has pink clay. Masks for the face on its basis soothe and smooth the skin. Clay strengthens regeneration and cell exchange, has a tightening feature, due to which the face oval is pulled up and wrinkles are smoothed.


This clay has the properties of soft peeling. It improves blood circulation and regulates the formation of sebum. It is based on a deeply cleansing and toning facial mask. Green clay has a strong lymphatic drainage and biostimulating effect.


This species is the rarest. It has a deeply moisturizing effect. Masks on its basis are shown for dry and dehydrated skin. Gray clay smooths even deep wrinkles, tones and returns elasticity.

masks for lich green clay


Masks with black clay normalize cellular fat metabolism, prevent the appearance of acne, narrow pores and stop the aging process.


Clay promotes the penetration of oxygen into thedeep layers of skin, helps restore skin and strengthens blood circulation. Red clay for face masks with sensitive skin, prone to allergies, just a rescue. It perfectly soothes the skin, eliminates irritation and inflammation.

Choose for yourself several suitable types of clay and alternate them, using in face masks. Do not spare the time to care for the skin, and then the reflection in the mirror will not cease to please you.

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