Horse shampoo: a miracle is a tool or an advertising ploy?

Recently, the press, the Internet and othersinformation sources are discussing the real boom associated with using people means designed for caring for horses. The most discussed miracle cure of this series is horse shampoo. What is he and why is there so much talk around him? Horse shampoo: a miracle is a remedy or a successful advertising ploy? Let's try to figure it out.

First, a famous miracle shampooactress Sarah Jessica Parker. According to her, she uses horse shampoo for hair growth and is very happy with it. A little later began to appear reviews of those who tried shampoo on themselves. The society was already divided into supporters and opponents of using this miracle cure by man. Supporters assure that horse shampoo for hair growth made the hair shiny, thick and obedient to styling, the dandruff was gone. Opponents of use describe cases of allergy, itching of the scalp and loss of a large amount of hair after a while.

So he is still horse or not?

Horse shampoo is made as a zoocosmetics,It is designed for caring for horses and is designed taking into account their characteristics. The main difference of this shampoo from "human" is a higher concentration of active substances, since human skin differs from the skin of the horse in structure, pH level, and its functions.

What is the composition of horse hair shampoo?

Because horses are very sensitive toallergens, we can assume that shampoo manufacture uses mostly natural ingredients, which are also used in the production of shampoos for people.

The content of surfactants is significantly different. In the horse they are several times larger. Excess surfactants make hair overdried and stiff. Another unpleasant moment - the scalp begins to peel with time, there is a constant itch.

Often in the composition of horse shampoo containsBirch tar. It significantly accelerates the growth of hair, but this option is suitable only for those who quickly become fat hair. In other cases, do not take risks.

Silicones and keratin that attach to the hairshine, smoothness and thickness, settle on the hair, and such a film is not always useful for human hair. Hair gets a heavy load and after a while breaks and falls out.

Who should not use horse hair shampoo?

If you have healthy, unproblematic hair and a healthy scalp, then you can go on an experiment and try using this shampoo.

Those who have hair dyed, damaged, depleted or have other problems, horse shampoo is not recommended, as it is sufficiently aggressive in its effect.

How correctly to use shampoo?

Be sure to dilute the shampoo with water in a ratio of 1:15. First, the shampoo is applied to the palms, foams and only then applied to damp hair.

How often can I use horse shampoo?

It is best to use it only occasionally, from time to time. The main thing is still to be a shampoo intended for human use.

Never use horse shampoo during the hot season.

Constantly watch the condition of your hair andscalp. If you notice the changes are not for the better, immediately stop using this shampoo and go to the use of conventional cosmetics.

Use horse hair shampoo for hair growthor not - to decide, of course, you. As you can see, a miracle does not happen. In shampoo, there are advantages and disadvantages. Or maybe you should not experiment with yourself and turn to the already proven grandmother's recipes for centuries?

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