Fashionable haircuts for chubby women: the best options

All women are different. With individual types of figures, height, weight, facial features and other features. And each is endowed with its unique, unique beauty. If you do not fit into the standards imposed by the media - it does not matter! It is only necessary to choose the right frame in the form of clothes, hairstyle, make-up and accessories. Today we will consider popular and fashionable haircuts for chubby girls who will be able to advantagefully emphasize the dignity and smooth out possible shortcomings of appearance, to beat the new presentation of the image. Each season affects the fashion trends, while there remain the classic options for hairstyles that will adorn this particular face oval. Combining classics and trend trends, you will get a stunning result. Now let's move on to the details.

haircuts for chubby women

Features and characteristics of the round face

To accurately determine your shape, you need toto make minimum measurements. Write down all the data you received. In the forehead, cheek and chin area, measure the horizontal distance in the widest areas. Then draw a visual vertical line from the hair growth point through the center of the face to the lower chin boundary. Measure it. The second line is from the ear to the ear through the dots under the eyes.

You have a classic round face shape with the following data:

  • the width of the forehead, cheeks and jaw is almost the same;
  • chin is rounded, if compared with angular forms;
  • the width and height are the same;
  • in general, you have soft features.

The difference between a round and square face isin the roundness of the border zones of the forehead and chin. If you are overweight, the corners can also be relaxed, but you should make a discount on the weight. Typical owners of a round face can be slender and at the same time meet all the criteria specified for this form. Making measurements and determining the ratio, you can choose a style of hairstyle. Haircuts for chubby variety in length and design. Such details as bangs, fillet strands, the decoration of the lateral, macula and occipital zones give a wide field for experiments.

What haircuts are chubby

To this form of face fit hairstyles, visuallylengthening the oval face and smoothing roundness. It is worth paying attention to the haircuts that assume the smallest volume in the face area. Try on hairstyles, the bottom line of which is below the chin, for example an elongated square. Soft multi-layered hairstyles up to the shoulders and below will remove excess volume from the face, from the side zones and visually make the oval already. Any hairstyles with torn and milled edges will flatten out the roundness. As for choosing a bang, it's best to choose a long wide or slanting one side.

Avoid hairstyles with straight, thick edgescut like a classic square. It is also better to give up short haircuts with curly hair. In this case, grow the curls up to the shoulders and below, so that you can work with iron if necessary. Consider the popular options in more detail.

haircuts for chubby

Short haircuts

Among the most popular options isconsider practical and universal - quads and pixies. They are easy to care for, visually balance the oval, give a lot of opportunities for laying. Short haircuts for chubby on the basis of quads and pixies occupy a leading position among all options. Consider popular ideas.

1. Short roll

To visually make the face narrower andstretched, and also hide the lateral roundness, try this haircut. The only condition - the length of the hair should be no higher than the chin. It will look good with square with a short back and long front strands. It visually makes the face more feminine. Graduated version with thin filirovannyh strands in the face will also stretch the oval. Parting is best done lateral. Effective option - a short square with a long bang on one side.

haircut chubby photo

2. Pixie

Short pixie haircut gives an opportunitytry a variety of styling with a long asymmetrical bang. Hairstyle visually removes the width of the face, and a few colorized strands will refresh the image and diversify the mood.

Pixie haircut is able to emphasize the natural charm of the round face. Consider successful options that can be used as a source of inspiration.

A short haircut with an asymmetrical bang will giveThe ability to combine smooth and disheveled hair textures in the front and crown areas. The combination of light top and dark bottom in shades of hair will give an image of urban mood. Haircuts chubby (photo can be seen in our article) with short torn strands, contrasting with long sections, very much go and look most spectacular. They do not weight the oval of the face, they give a feeling of lightness and coquetry.

short haircuts for chubby

Haircuts for medium length hair

With this length of hair the most popularVariations remain carousing and multilayer stacking with lightened side strands. They can be adapted to various styles of hairstyles, complementing with bangs, elements of curls, braids and weaves.

1. Medium-length quads

Haircuts for chubby women based onAn elongated square allows to try on several possible options. To all is added the possibility of styling hair color in the transitions of the zones. Contrasting along the length of the front and maculae strands distract attention from the face oval. Different styles of bangs also allow you to experiment with visual proportions. Be careful with the placement of curls in this case, since they add an unnecessary volume and increase the already round face.

quads for chubby

2. Multilayer haircut medium length

This version of the haircut allows you to experimentwith careless, deliberately disheveled styling. Lightened with filirovaniu strands easily and obediently rise at the roots, create light waves, allow you to give direction to thin tips. Haircut also allows the laying of diagonal lines, visually extending the face. With such a hairdo, it will look good the raised oblique bangs, hiding half of the forehead and part of the face on one side.

haircuts for chubby girls

Haircuts for long hair

If the round shape of the face you choosehairstyle with the ability to preserve the length of the hair, the optimal options are multi-layered and cascaded haircuts with a strategic location of the volume. It is in this situation that he sets the whole mood of the image. The first cut should not be above the chin, but gently round it and mask the main oval.

Long hair initially makes the face narrow andIt is elongated, since the lateral zones are hidden. Good will look soft waves, starting from the shoulder line. The answer to the question: "what haircuts go to chubby girls" is quite simple, if we consider hairstyles on long hair. Multilayered, cascaded, slanting bangs, torn strands, oblique prodrinks in various combinations are a rich source of ideas for creating an image. It is only necessary to place the desired accents.

1. Multilayered and cascaded haircuts

Variety of soft and contrast transitions of lengthallows you to balance with the volume and proportions of the hairstyle. Facing sections of the layers beautifully frame it and direct attention to the decollete area below. Do not make a curly hairdo, so as not to emphasize the sharpness of the transitions. A good addition to this haircut is melioration or coloring. It emphasizes the linearity of the strands and lengthens the shape.

In the frame of the face, the strands narrowing to the tips will look good. The only negative - you will always have to use an iron to emphasize their direction and remove fluffiness.

Stylists recommend multi-layered haircuts for chubby with oblique cut. He will distract attention from the form, and the falling strands, like a curtain, disguise the side protrusions of the face.

what haircuts go to chubby girls

2. Haircuts with buns

In this case, very carefullyApproach this hairstyle. It is she who determines the final result of the haircut. A short fringe to the middle of the forehead is appropriate only when the ears are covered with hair. It emphasizes the eye area. The milled long bangs on one side introduces asymmetry into the style and distracts attention from the form. It should not be too thick, otherwise it will be necessary to remove it permanently behind the ears, and thereby further emphasize the roundness of the face. Soft rounded bangs with milled ends will look good only in combination with the same effect over the entire length of the hair.

what haircuts go round-headed

Haircuts for chubby women and girlspick up quite simply. It is only necessary to focus on the key details and accents recommended by stylists. These include: the absence of excess volume in the face, asymmetry, multilayeredness, cascading, the presence of oblique slicing and the strategic location of streaked strands. Successful ideas and their incarnations!

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