"Dolphin" - a tattoo with a meaning. What does it mean?

Those people who have not yet introduced themselves in their livesthe opportunity to personally meet these beautiful animals, dolphins are seen as nice and good-natured animals, they are adored by both adults and children. They not only conquer the public with their positive and smiling, but also with the mind. Scientists have proved that dolphins are among the smartest animals that live on the planet today.

Today, the image of a dolphin is often stuffed into different parts of the body. "Dolphin" - a tattoo with a meaning. What does it mean? This will be discussed in this article.

The sacred meaning of a dolphin

"Dolphin" - a tattoo that has a certain sacralvalue. In world cultures one can find far more than one symbolic idea of ​​this mammal. For example, according to the philosophy of yin-yang, two dolphins depicted together are one of the main symbols.

dolphin tattoo

It is known that dolphins were sacred animals of the gods. Poseidon (Neptune) and Venus (Aphrodite) loved these mammals very much and kept them under their personal protection.

"Dolphin" tattoo: the meaning

The value of tattoos in the form of a dolphin usually does not depend ononly from the position in which it is depicted, but also from the stylization of the drawing. Celtic - the most popular. Among the local population, the image of the dolphin was considered to be a symbol of water. But the ancient Greeks, he denoted the symbol of carnal love. For the Indians, the dolphin is a symbol of the mind. They respect this animal, considering it one of the wisest on earth.

tattoo dolphin value

The image of the dolphin and the anchor indicates speed. If a mammal is painted in a sailor, then the owner of such a tattoo is in some way connected with the marine fleet.

A chained or pierced dolphin is a symbolChristianity. For many, he is associated with the crucifixion of Christ. Such a tattoo is usually made by people for whom religion in life is not at the very last place.

A Christian symbol can also have a drawing on which a dolphin leads a ship. In this case, he still personifies Jesus Christ.

dolphin tattoo

"Dolphin" (tattoo) denotes the existence of a person's life goal or desire, which he tries to implement as soon as possible.

To make such a tattoo is also for people who infect others with their energy.

Which part of the body should the dolphin be depicted on?

"Dolphin" - a tattoo for which there is nocertain criteria when choosing a place. Everyone who wants to independently, individually selects a place where his personal drawing will be displayed.

tattoo dolphin photo

In the event that the drawing will have any sacred meaning for a person, the tattoo should be placed in an inconspicuous place. Then she will definitely be able to bring luck to her owner.

If for the person who has become the owner of the brighttattoos in the form of a dolphin, not so important is the meaning of the drawing, as its appearance, that is, aesthetic beauty, the tattoo should be done in a conspicuous place. Thus, a person can distinguish himself from the crowd, drawing the public's attention to himself with his colorful drawing on his back, leg or some other part of his body.

Why do people do tattoos "Dolphin"?

We already know the meaning. Now we need to understand why some people choose it. Doing a tattoo in the form of a dolphin drawing, many in this way want to show their love for the sea. Swimming lovers, professional swimmers, or those people who are related to the sea by their activities, can bravely do such a tattoo without fear of being condemned by others. After all, they can always explain it with their addiction to the marine business. Also, such a tattoo is done by many, and because from the outside it looks elegant.

what does tattoo dolphin mean

About what the tattoo "Dolphin" means, not everyonereflects. For many people, it is important to stand out from the crowd and be individual. Boys and girls use any means to attract the attention of the public by their dissimilarity in others. Having made a tattoo, you can bring a twist to your image. Due to the fact that the theme of the tattoo in the form of a dolphin is not jaded, unlike many other drawings, it can be done with its help in two counts.

It does not matter which style is depicteddolphin. The main thing is that the owner of the tattoo can independently determine its value and, if necessary, be able to tell the others about it, who will certainly be interested in an unusual drawing depicted on the body of their loved one, friend or acquaintance.

And what is important is that the tattoo "Dolphin" looks very pretty. Photos in the article demonstrate this. So the choice is yours!

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