Shampoo with keratin - good for the hair

Dysfunctional ecology, constant stress,unbalanced nutrition, regular use of hair dryers, rectifiers and cosmetics - all this negatively affects the condition of our hair and their appearance. Women are forced to spend more and more effort to care for the weakened curls.

shampoo with keratin
Tired hair requires treatment and rehabilitation. And one of the most common methods of recovery - the use of special cosmetics, which are incredibly many on the shelves of stores. It is difficult to immediately orient yourself in the abundance of products for the restoration of curls and understand what determines their medicinal properties.

For example, everyone has heard about such a product asshampoo with creatine. But what is the main active ingredient included in the composition is not known to everyone. How to determine whether you need this tool? And how does it affect the hair?

What is keratin?

Keratin is a complex protein, its mechanical strength is second only to chitin (from biological substances). Human hair and nails basically consist of it. The greatest number - in the hair (up to 80%).

professional keratin shampoos
The role of keratin in how the hair looks,is decisive. From this substance depends the elasticity, elasticity, shine of curls and their structure. In curly hair keratin is soft, and in straight hair - dense. With its lack, the appearance of the curls worsens, they become faded and brittle. A replenish the missing supplies can be with the help of food or special means for hair care.

Another very popular method is straighteningstrands with the help of keratin. This is a procedure in which a special compound is applied to the hair and dried using a regular straightening iron. Feeding keratin makes the curls more straight, adds luster, elasticity and silkiness to them. At home, you can use shampoo with keratin for this purpose. The price of products of this type is slightly higher than the cost of conventional means for washing your head.

Properties of shampoos with keratin

Shampoos with the addition of keratin for home use can do much:

  • have the effect of straightening;
  • make curls obedient;
  • provide shine and elasticity of hair.

Professional keratin shampoosall the above properties, as well as deeply cleanses the hair, opens the cuticle for the introduction of nutrients, improves the effect of the subsequent straightening procedure of the strands.

Negative sides

shampoo with keratin price
Apply often specialized shampoo with keratin undesirable, especially this caution concerns oily hair. Since the use of such a tool has negative consequences:

  • weighting effect;
  • the possibility of dandruff;
  • rather rapid loss of attractive appearance of hair after washing.

Choosing a quality product from a proven brand will help to avoid negative consequences.

The most effective are the means,intended for professionals. But they are expensive, and use them better in beauty salons. For home use shampoo with keratin with a weaker effect will do. This will minimize possible risks.

Today, this strong protein is present inproducts for hair care from many world brands and new manufacturers of cosmetics. And it's up to you whether you will use shampoo with keratin to restore or straighten the curls.

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