Statuses about the winter: for those who love the snow more heat

People are divided into two types: lovers of the hot season and admirers of beautiful winter landscapes. For those who are cheered up by the snow crunching under their feet, sparks of snowflakes and festive lights in the windows, - statuses about the winter. On the eve of the New Year they will not leave anyone indifferent.

statuses about the winter

Statuses about the winter are beautiful

  • "In the winter, romance go crazy."
  • "Only in winter you can believe in a fairy tale and the realization of a dream."
  • "Winter, memories and plaid - what else is needed?".
  • "Winter brings together." The harder the frosts, the more people embrace. "
  • "It seems that people in the winter will be kind."
  • "It's so quiet as on a winter evening, it's hard to ever enjoy it."
  • "In winter, the aroma of tangerines, cookies and love."
  • "I want as in childhood - wrapped in a coat, scarf and blanket so that only the eyes can be seen, ride on wooden sledges, hold a bag of sweets in hand and guard the tree tied to the side."
  • "People tend to think in the winter evenings about the eternal."
  • "It's amazing what kind of pacification the soul gives the falling snow."
  • "Winter is not just the time of year, it's a mood."
  • "In the winter, the street turns into a carnival." There are no faces visible, but the atmosphere of the holiday is felt. "

The status of the winter is more beautiful, the more tenderness this time causes in the heart of a person. People really get warmer with the arrival of frost.

statuses about the winter are beautiful

Original statements about winter and snow

All the statuses about the winter are similar. They are similar to their life-affirming motives, good and beauty.

  • "The winter is not an accident, it's a clean sheet of life."
  • "All sounds sooner or later start to irritate.In addition to the crunch of snow in the frost."
  • "If you look at the sky in the snow, you can die of happiness."
  • "The window of a minibus on a frosty day turns into a rock painting, where everyone wants to leave their mark."
  • "When do you want to make wishes, if not in the burning winter night?".
  • "I want to thank those people who decorate the windows with garlands and turn them on in the evenings." You are kind people, you share joy. "

Statuses about the winter cool

  • "Well spent three winter months? Get the fourth for free!".
  • "Until the New Year there was exactly" horror, peas did not buy, the dress is not finished, cards are not signed "days."
  • "Yesterday the guys wanted to jump into a snowdrift." The owner of the snowdrift billed the broken side mirrors. "
  • "No fitness is needed, when in a down jacket on snowdrifts and on ice in a cross-twine."
  • "Girls, take the time." When will the men fall at your feet, if not in this ice? "
  • "In March, winter is especially beautiful."
  • "This winter - when the thermometer is asking from the street to the house."
  • "But once they snowed in December, and were not surprised."
  • "British scientists have found that children, whose fathers knotted scarf, can hold their breath for up to 3 hours."
  • "Every warm winter, somewhere in the closet, sad underpants."
  • "According to statistics, with the onset of winter, more lovers are coming in. Ice is not a joke! You have to stick together."
  • "In a snowfall, no one is embarrassed by people who walk their backs forward."
  • "Nothing strengthens the family like this:" No, roll this ball more, well, where did you put it, where are you doing the carrot? ".
  • You understand that I grew up when a fashionable jacket comes to replace a warm jacket. "

statuses about the winter cool

Statuses about the winter are never soulless - they always come from the warmth with which a person refers to this time of year.

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