Why do we need an atronach forge and where to find it?

Forge atronachov is aa specialized facility in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, which allows you to create all kinds of scrolls and items that are not available on other machines. It is worth noting that here you can also create and those items that are crafted on normal machines.


What is a forge?

Forge atronachov is a magicala machine that is used to create a wide variety of items, including scrolls, weapons, armor, etc. This forge is located right under the College of Winterhold (Winterhold location) in Middene, which can only be accessed through two special hatchways:

  • The first hatch is located in the Support Hall directly under the stairs;
  • The second one can be found in the courtyard of the collegium near the entrance to the Hall of Elements (to the left of the doors).

By itself, the forge of the atronachs isanalogue of the standard forge, but is more specialized for mages. It is worth noting that few of the newcomers are aware that with this tool, you do not even need to download blacksmithing to produce daedric equipment. Thus, if you did not initially try to pump Blacksmithing, but at the same time you were actively developing the branch of Witchcraft, then for you atronach forge is an excellent opportunity to make yourself a daedric outfit. It should be noted that for the manufacture of a sufficiently large number of objects, the smithy requires the use of the so-called Sigil Stone.

How to get Sigil stone?

Forge atronachs in Skyrim

To get Sigil Stone, originallyyou should develop the Witchcraft branch to level 90, and then complete the quest for a special ritual spell. You can take this quest from the Wizard of Witchcraft (Finis Gestor), who walks in different locations of the College of Winterhold.

Initially, Finis Gestor will provide the heroa scroll with a spell summoning a dremor (the Atronach forge at Skyrim can not be used here), and then asks for the Sigil Stone we need in Oblivion, which then takes us to the roof. When you call dremora, he, angry for his challenge from Oblivion to Nirn, starts the fight, after which we need to kill him. After you kill the called dremor, you will need to call it again, and only after the third such re-raise the Daedra will still settle down and begin to follow your orders. In particular, he gives a promise that after the next call he will bring the stone to Dovakin. Of course, Dremora will keep the word, and after his call you get a quest item that can then be attributed to the master.

Helpful information

 where to find the atrophy forge

If you have not found out where to find an atronach forge, it is often enough the recipe for installing a smithy in your house is knocked out of nameless sorcerers.

After a dremor or an atrophy dies,you can search their bodies to partially restore the ingredients spent on the call. If you try to create something with the aid of a smithy, then the bodies will immediately disappear.


In some versions of the game can manifest itselfa certain bug if the player tries to craft daedric boots. In particular, after you try to take an item from a smithy, it is not displayed in the inventory, nor is the weight of the item displayed, regardless of whether you are looking at your inventory in yours or in someone else's. However, it is worth noting that the companion can use armor as more effective for him, but it will still be absent in his inventory. In order not to meet with such a bug, you can simply scream or otherwise drop your boots from the smithy, after which it's normal to pick them up.

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