How to insert a video on the site? Basic methods

More and more beginner webmasters are askedthe question of how to insert a video on the site. This is easily explained, since video content contributes to the growth of the resource rating, helping it to conquer places closer to the first page in the issuance of search engines. For promotion it is very useful to insert video material directly to the main page, even if the resource does not bid on the video, and the remaining pages will not contain videos for viewing. However, this is not the only useful aspect.

how to insert a video on the site

There is another obvious plus of the fact thatThe web page will contain visual materials. Since it's quite easy to insert a video into a website, it can be used to increase the attendance of a resource. Leading search engines, analyzing the trends in the development of web construction, said that video content in the future will occupy an even more important place than now.

In addition, the ability to add video toyour site from popular videohosting, for example, from Youtube, gives the webmaster the opportunity to earn additional money. To do this, you need to create your channel on any suitable video storage and promote it through your Internet resource. In this case, you can place a multimedia advertisement, which is superimposed at the bottom of the video, on top of the video or before it is viewed. Thus, knowing how to insert a video on a website is not a matter of fashion, but an urgent need for every person trying to create a quality product on the Internet.

insert video on site

There are different approaches to creating a website. Someone uses self-written HTML-templates, someone applies ready-made solutions in the form of popular CMS for the development and management of elements of a web resource. However, there are two main and truly universal ways of how to insert a video on the site.

The simplest of these is the use of video hosting. This option has important advantages for webmasters because they do not need:

1) post video on your server, worrying about space, file sizes, etc .;

2) there is no need to deal with encoding, correcting the format, etc .;

3) you can not worry about the load on the server and, consequently, the speed of playback of materials on the user's computer.

insert video in html

To insert a video into the site in this way,just get a special code. It is automatically generated by video hosting specifically for the webmaster. For example, in Youtube, you just need to click on the "Share" button, which is located under each video. In the opened menu you can see the sub-item "HTML-code". The name, as you can see, speaks for itself. Next, this code is copied and pasted onto its page.

The second way is to usespecial video players. There are quite a few of them, and it will not be difficult to find a good free option to insert a video. In the Html-code enter the necessary changes. More detailed instructions will be offered by the developer of the selected player. It should be noted that modern software products of such a plan have a customizable design that will help them to harmoniously "join" the environment of the web page.

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