How to remove the hosts virus from a personal computer

Recently there was such a virus, because ofwhich is blocking access to the social network. In the event that a user enters his profile, he is shown a message stating that you need to register using a special sms-activation. This is argued by the fact that spam mailing has recently increased. And many people believe and begin to send messages in order to obtain an access code.

The emergence of the sms virus

How to Remove Hosts Virus

This virus Hosts, and that's the way it is called,appeared relatively recently, but already managed to agitate many users. It is understood that the administration of the social network will never require activation with the help of messages. And if you see a similar message, you should think about the presence of a virus on your computer. And in no case do not need to send these SMS messages.

How to deal with it

How to remove Hosts virus? Usually it is located on the following path C: WINDOWSsystem32driversetc. It should be understood that the file of the same name is almost always hidden. After you find it, you need to open the document with a simple notepad and delete all those lines in which the address of the social network was mentioned at least once. Do not forget about saving all changes.

Can help and antivirus

How to remove a virus from your computer

This should work. In some cases, how to remove a virus from your computer, you can help DrWeb antivirus: it finds it and heals it. If there is no antivirus on your personal computer, then it's worth installing it as soon as possible.

What to do if nothing has helped

But there are also situations when from the documentall references to the social network are removed, and access to the account is still not provided. How to remove the Hosts virus in this situation? This case signals that you have a hidden document in your computer, which serves as a virus. It is necessary to remember what you downloaded recently. It can be programs for cheating votes, for raising the rating and other similar utilities. Perhaps they infected your personal computer.

Several methods for solving this problem

virus hosts
Surely there was a question about how to remove the virusHosts in a situation with a hidden document. First you should try to find all the same Hosts file. And it's worth knowing that you do not need to search for a text file with the appropriate name. You can either delete it or remove all entries from it. If this did not work, click the "Start - Run" button. When the window opens, you should write the command cmd. Subsequently, another window will open. In it, you need to write the command route-f and reboot the personal computer. After that, it needs to be cured with antivirus. In the matter of how to remove the Hosts virus, registry cleaning can help, but this is already only experienced users.


If you complete all of the above items, thenthere is a large share of the likelihood that the virus will cope, and access to the social network will be provided to you. And still, if you do not have an antivirus, it should still be installed and updated from time to time.

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