"Google Latitude": about opportunities, closures and analogs

All applications created by Google, as much as possiblemeet the needs of users in a given period of time. Not an exception is the very interesting feature "Google Latitude", which anyone can install on his mobile phone (and for him, and the utility was developed) by downloading in the appropriate browser. It allows you not only to indicate your location at a given moment and share it with your friends, but also be aware of where your relatives and friends are now. Once upon a time it seemed to be something out of the range of beyond possibilities.

How do I find the coordinates in an application from Google?

How does "Google Latitude" work? With the help of all known GPS tools. Surely you have long been familiar with and understand the blinking blue dot on the map of the area. It is she who indicates your exact location at any given time. So, the locator allows you to share this point with your favorite contacts. If you do not want someone to be aware of the place where you are now, just "hide" from him, using the privacy settings "hide from this friend," or just choose the wrong coordinates on the map yourself.

Google locator

As for the location of your friends,Each of them (for which you have access to your account) will be indicated on the map as an icon / avatar. Directly from the application "Google Latitude" you can send them sms, email or just call.

About the interface

Use this mobile software very muchconveniently. The interface is nice, friendly and stylish (in general, for Google it's in the order of things). Switch between the map and the list of your contacts can be almost instantly - by pressing one button. In general, all conditions for user comfort are created.

Google locator for computer

Using a locator on a PC or laptop

By the way, the application works not only onmobile phone, there is also a "Google Locator" for the computer. In this case, the opening map shows all your contacts in Gmail and friends from Google Friend Connect. You can add them using the Add friends button, similar to the mobile version, you can "hide" yourself from other people's eyes using the Privacy tab. If you want to hide the location of one of your friends, click on the View profile link.

About closing the locator

And now about the sad: In August of this year, "Google Latitude" ceased its work. You can not use it now either on your PC or on your mobile. And what happens? What was the point of creating this application? Do not be in a hurry to get upset. Since Google always improves its functions and releases new developments, the locator will now be replaced by the corresponding utility on Google+. With this application you can also share your location with your friends. By turning on the "Location Reporting" feature, you can specify your coordinates, and also save the history of your movements (view and edit it in the "My Account") by activating the appropriate setting in your mobile device.

google locator

Thus, now "Google Latitude" is replacedGeneral settings for all Google services: "Location Reporting" and "Location History". You can check in to places and share coordinates with your friends on Google+ in the appropriate mobile application.

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