How to connect iphone to computer: instructions for beginners

The question "how to connect the iphone to the computer"each new owner of the Apple device. And this is quite logical. In fact at the moment even the most modern smartphone will not be able to open its full potential without any support. In this case, it has a proven personal computer. Therefore, if you want to use your phone for one hundred percent, then you need to know how to connect the iphone to the computer. This will be discussed in this article.

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Preparation. Why connect the phone to the computer? Perhaps some users do not need this option, since they are only interested in calls, messages, "surfing" Internet pages and other primitive functions. But if you want to get more than banal operations, then you just need to periodically connect your phone to the PC. This will allow you to save personal data, install applications, synchronize information, download music and much more. For connection, you will definitely need a usb cable. It should be part of the components when buying, of course, if you bought the device from authorized dealers. If it does not, then you have to run to the nearest Apple department. The connection to the computer is via this cable. The PC must have a usb-input version not earlier than 2.0. Connect one end of the cable to the computer and the other to the phone. The windows will appear on the PC's display with a notification of detection of a new device, then the drivers will be automatically installed, and after that the phone will be recognized.

how to connect iphone to computer

Additional information. Without installing additional software, you can only view photos taken on the camera phone, since the iphone is recognized as a camera. But we want more, so we need to install the iphone itunes program. It allows you to get almost full access to the phone's file system. With iTunes you can perform many additional operations: synchronization of contacts, creation and application of melodies, transfer of books and so on. Itunes is the official program from Apple. And this, in turn, inspires confidence. You can download it for free from the Apple website. After installing this program, new drivers will be downloaded. Most often, you need to reboot the system for the proper operation of the application.

Alternative methods.Perhaps for some it would seem unacceptable to use a usb cable in the age of high technology. And really, why bother with wires when there is a wireless connection? To synchronize files, contact information and other content, you can use Wi-Fi. In this case, users are provided with an extensive selection of programs. There are file managers, in which the possibility of wireless communication is sewn. Management is most often via the browser. The main condition for wireless communication is to find a phone and a computer in one Wi-Fi network. Next, the program itself will provide the necessary instructions for further action.

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The conclusion.Many forums and sites have the same question: "How to connect the iphone to the computer?" New users ask it time after time. I tried to provide the necessary information in an accessible form. I hope you learned from this article how to connect your iphone to your computer

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