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Surely many of you have stumbled uponpromising advertising for the rapidly growing popularity of Wix.com. Reviews and reviews appear on the web almost constantly. But what do ordinary users and specialists think about this site designer? Let's find out.

wix com reviews

History of creation

Work on the development of the Wix service.com, feedback about which was raised in the network of great hype, started back in 2006. After a hard two-year work in the summer of 2008, the world saw a beta version of the designer. A team of thirty professionals worked on the project. Already during the first year of work, Wix united under its wing more than a million users!

There was no longer any doubt: the designer demonstrated just huge potential, and the creators of the service took advantage of the moment and simultaneously released Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and other versions.

At the moment it is difficult to find a person whoI would never have heard of Wix.com. Feedback on the project confirms that the results of the team's long-term work have not been in vain: the system boasts 41 million users, and the company's offices can be seen in different locations on the planet - in New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Vilnius. The company employs more than five hundred employees and continues to grow.

http ru wix com reviews


What is the main idea of ​​Wix? Feedback from users in this regard does not differ in variety: the service is very similar to most alternative site designers, it is designed to leave behind the scenes all the complex technical problems and questions, providing users with a really simple and intuitive way to create a site.

Wix is ​​a service that positions itself as auniversal designer. And this means that it is equally good for both the simplest sites and personal pages, and for working with full-fledged online stores.

It is enough to take a cursory look at the proposedTemplates to determine the target audience of the project - this is, first of all, artists, designers and representatives of other creative professions. Undoubtedly, for small businesses Wix.com is also a godsend - restaurants and online stores actively use the services of this system.


What users get when they register foren.wix.com? Reviews posted on the network say that it is the templates that are one of the strongest aspects of the system. In this designer they are divided into different categories: business and services, entertainment, music, restaurants and hotels, online stores, photography, etc. In addition, each category includes several sub-categories with dozens of diverse templates - unlike analogues project, in the Wix system the choice is given a truly impressive.

ru wix com reviews

Depending on your preferences, you cancreate a site in Flash or HTML5. An important advantage is the ability to create mobile versions at the same time - for this purpose, developers have implemented a special editor Wix Mobile, which allows you to adapt the appearance of sites for smartphones. Although it should be noted that this function does not apply to all templates - those that are suitable for working with it are marked with the appropriate mark "Compatible with Mobile".

However, the process of working with templates is not deprivedtheir pitfalls. The key drawback is the inability to change the template already selected for a particular site. That is, by choosing it once, in the future you can not change your decision and replace it with another option. Given the constantly changing trends, this can be a serious problem. It's worth saying that changing the template is not an absolutely unrealizable task, but it will have to be done literally through the stump-deck.

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Domain Name

We continue to consider the positive and negativefeatures of the Wix.com service. User reviews often mention another small defect in the system - choosing a domain name. This problem does not apply to those who wish to use their own, pre-purchased and paid domain. But those who want to use a free name from the Wix system itself can face certain difficulties: the service provides its users with a standard subdomain of the third level, but a domain of the form username.wix.com/sitename. Naturally, this negatively affects the memorability and makes you think about buying a premium account, which makes it possible to transfer the site to your own, simpler and clearer domain.


But now we have reached the most interesting. Standard features of the service http://www.wix.com:

  • create and delete pages;
  • creating new menu items;
  • change the size and color of the various elements of the site;
  • adding feedback forms;
  • adding Google Maps;
  • Adding eBay and PayPal services;
  • work with Flash and HTML elements;
  • work with images and galleries from Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr;
  • Synchronization with social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+);
  • adding video and audio materials;
  • use of the functions of the online store;
  • change the background.

Unfortunately, the fact that Wix hides all technicalsubtleties behind the scenes and uses a simple drag-and-drop interface, is not only its advantage, but also a drawback - the process of creating a new site is invariably tied to the proposed blocks and forms. However, thanks to the availability of a special Wix App Market, this problem is not so acute - in the store you can find a huge number of plug-ins and widgets that allow you to significantly expand the basic functionality of the service.

http www wix com

Every year, millions of people want to createown site, come to Wix.com. Reviews about this service are quite contradictory - from enthusiastic to disappointed. However, the fact remains: even despite the existing shortcomings, of all the currently available free site designers it has no equal either in terms of simplicity or in terms of functionality.

Summing up

So, after considering the basic capabilities of the system, we can make an approximate idea of ​​it and highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of ru.wix.com.


- a badly-readable domain name provided by the system (in the format username.wix.com/sitename);
- in order to change the domain, you need to pay a premium account;
- there is no possibility to view statistics of site visits and user activity;
- advertising on the site, posted by the system (typical for all free designers);
- a limited amount of memory for storing files (up to 500 MB);
- During the editing of the template, a huge amount of RAM is used (for example, when working with Firefox, this figure may exceed 1.5 million megabytes).


- really high-quality, stylish modern templates;
- Wide functionality (additionally expanded due to the Wix App Market);
- the ground for SEO-optimization and promotion in the search engines;
- Simplicity and intuitive interface, allowing even those users who do not understand the features of site building, to create a convenient and beautiful site;
- opportunities for integration with social networks;
- a large number of instructions, tutorials and useful training information in Russian;
- detailed F.A.Q. and a good, fast-running technical support.

wix reviews

Have you created your site on Wix.com?

As you can see, this service produced a realrevolution in the world of site designers and simplified the process of creating and running as much as possible. If you have already used this service and created sites using http: // ru. wix. com, reviews left by you will help with choosing a site builder for other people.

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