How to sit VKontakte offline

As recent studies show,on the sites called social networks, more than 72 percent of the population of our country are registered. Now their popularity is also inexorably increasing, albeit slower. And it is understandable - most people are already registered on this or that site. On average, according to scientists, users spend up to thirty minutes a day, or even more. When they wake up, they do not go to wash or make coffee. The modern generation first of all includes a computer or reaches for a laptop to check mail, learn news and read messages from acquaintances.

In fact, one in five people spends onUse VKontakte for several hours of your free time in the morning, afternoon, evening or even at night. Everyday. And, it should be noted, this is not always just a free clock. Many people use their working time for the same purpose. This forced half of the existing companies to make strict changes in their policies, banning employees from accessing the Internet, and in particular to social networks from work computers. That, however, does not stop some users in craving for virtual communication and information exchange.

Why and how to sit VKontakte offline

It's no secret that one of the most commonsocial networks is VKontakte. Whether you are at work or at home, always want to peek and check the messages, watch an interesting video or at least learn the news of friends. Moreover, the amount of information contained on the resource is simply enormous. If the first social networks appeared in the distant 2005 year, then we can imagine how many videos, images and music, as well as interesting to read communities, have accumulated to the present moment. But not always people want to be recognized by visiting social networks. Especially if they are at school / university / at work.

The reasons for this need not be explained.Therefore, in order not to be caught in the site visit during off-hour time, users are looking for various loopholes. First of all, they are worried: how to sit on VKontakte and be offline at the same time, quietly visit other people's pages and read your messages so that no one has time to write new ones, and then take offense that they did not answer.

There are several ways for this purpose.Including specially created utilities. But, as they say, "not all yoghurts are equally useful". Also here, downloading the first program is not recommended. There are much safer options like sitting on the phone offline and not infecting your computer with anything. The following are two equivalent ways to help solve this problem in different browsers.

So, how to sit VKontakte offline: a way for users of Mozilla

First of all, enter in the address bar of ourbrowser command "about: config" (only quotes should not be written). Push the input and see the opened page with a long list of various parameters. This is the browser settings, here you need to search for the field with the name "filter" or "search", it's at the top. In it, type the following command: "network.http.redirection-limit" (also, of course, without quotes).

Its meaning can be different, but whatever it isnor was it better to keep this figure in mind. Better yet, write it down in a notebook. After that, we will change this number to zero. Now open one more new tab, type in the address bar "". This can lead to an error message, but do not be scared. Just close it and calmly go in VKontakte, now we are invisible.

Alternative method: for Opera users

For those who enter the Internet through the Opera,the question of how to sit VKontakte offline, is solved even faster. We go into the settings of our browser, then go to the "Advanced" section. There you need to select the "Network" option, which will be changed to achieve the goal. It's simple. Remove the check mark from automatic redirection, save the selection and open a new tab. In the address bar, as in the first case, "" is written. Here we also see an error message. But everything goes according to plan, which means that now you can safely go to the site and not be afraid to be seen.

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