E621.net: blocking bypass if blocked

Starting in 2011, some Internet surfersfaced with an unpleasant problem, when instead of accessing a certain resource they receive a message about its blocking (or the site does not open at all). In this case, we are talking about a special tool that prohibits access to certain resources. However, you can perform unblocking operations (for example - E621.net unblock), and quite simply. There are several simplest methods, which will now be considered.

When is the lock triggered?

By itself, the lock is aimed at limitingaccess to resources of dubious or prohibited content. In particular, this applies to sites that distribute child pornography, information that promotes violence in all its manifestations, websites with outright appeals, contrary to the generally accepted human morals, and so on.

e621 net bypass lock

However, very often this category is introducedall sorts of online casinos, poker clubs and other online gaming resources. The same Roskomnadzor did not bypass some torrent trackers (it is believed that most of these resources are pirated information that violates international copyright norms). Nevertheless, if at one "perfect" moment your frequently visited site is in private access, you can release the lock for the resource E621.net. But more about this later.

How it works?

First, let's see what principles are laid down in thefunctioning of the access control system itself. It is built on the basis of the CloudFlare platform, which is a kind of layer between the resource itself and the user from which the request originated. To avoid unnecessary load on the site, an access system through several IP addresses is used here. The https connection is secure, so intermediate nodes (for example, the provider) do not have access connection details.

e621 net unblock

Thus, the only way to limitaccess to the site - block a certain set of IP-addresses. But IP addresses are constantly changing (they are not static, but dynamic). This leads to the fact that at certain intervals the resource becomes available, not to mention other sites, which today in the list of restrictions there are more than two hundred thousand.

Most experts are inclined to think thatThe resource E621.net can be unlocked in the simplest version with the use of proxy settings. But what if the proxy is not supported at the same provider level?

E621.net: Bypassing the lock using DNS server settings

In this case, you can change the standardconfigure the TCP / IP protocol in the operating system itself. For E621.net, blocking bypass is done by configuring a specific DNS server configuration.

First click on the network status icon in thesystem tray and select the access point to the Network and Sharing Center. Then, on the left, we click on the network adapter parameter change line, then right click on the network connection we call the context menu, where we select the property string.

e621 net unlock

In the new window we find the involved protocolTCP / IP (4 or 6) and click the properties button, located just below the right. We automatically receive the IP-address, if it is provided, without changes, for the preferred DNS-server we enter four eights, and for the alternative - two eights and two fours. Confirm the changes and restart the Internet browser.

If E621.net unlock this way, further calls and requests will be made not through the provider service, but directly through the Google system. But online casinos also work smart people, and they know perfectly well that restricting access to their main resource is carried out by interactive servers, so they use special scripts that run on intermediate domains. Thus, the user can get to this site for a few seconds. It will run the script execution, after which the automatic redirection (redirect) will be performed with the transition to the desired page.

E621.net unblock: unlocking in turbo browser mode

An easier way to remove restrictions is to use the so-called turbo mode in the Internet browsers themselves, if such is supported. A good example is Opera.

e621 net blocked

If E621.net blocked, in the browser simply enter the main menu, which is called by clicking the button in the upper left corner, and select the line Opera Turbo. After its inclusion, any site that falls under the action of the lock can be opened without problems. The speed of operation will be somewhat lower. This is due to the fact that the requested page is not sent directly to the user, but is first archived and stored on a remote Opera server that is located abroad. Only then is the transfer to the end user.

Using Virtual Proxy Servers

The same goes for Internet proxy servers. For E621.net, blocking bypass is achieved by the fact that the user's request is first sent to this server, and he, in turn, sends a request to the blocked site on his behalf. The provider can not intervene in the work, since only information regarding the connection between the user and the proxy server is available to him.

e621 net unlock

For this to work, you just need to find inInternet list of free servers of this type and use any of them. It is desirable that he was abroad, but not very far from the current location of the user.

Using add-ons to browsers

For E621.net, blocking can also be bypassed by installing some add-ons. For example, for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, one such is Frigate ("Frigate").

To install it you need to enter the main settings menu and go to the add-ons section. The search string specifies the name of the plug-in, after which the add-on is installed in the browser.

static1 e621 net

At the end of the integration in the upper right corner of thethe icon will appear on the panel. The advantage of this method is that you do not need to make additional settings. Plugin itself will figure out what's what.

Special Services

If you try to access a user,a message, for example, that the site static1.e621.net is blocked, you can turn to special services for help. The most simple, convenient and fully automated is HideMyAss.

e621 net bypass lock

In the case of E621.net blocking bypassing is done by redirecting the user's traffic not directly to the resource, but to a special service that has access to the requested site, plus changing the region and IP.

In addition, the user data iscompletely encrypted, and bypassing the lock does not only concern certain resources, but also the programs that perform these actions. However, in this case, the bypass mainly concerns VPN-networks. But the settings are such that with the access you get, you can even view media content in HD quality.


What to choose from all the proposed? It seems that not to access network settings, it's easiest to use online services or to enable the acceleration mode in the browser. The access speed will decrease slightly, but there is a complete guarantee that the user will have access to almost any blocked resource included in the restrictive list.

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