How to remove the virus VKontakte? An easy solution to this question

In the modern world, the danger of access to the Internethas become very large, since almost on any page you can pick up a virus that is unknown to special software tools. Many are not too well versed in the device of a personal computer and in the event of a problem, they immediately turn to a specialist. And even if you remove the virus easily, users do not want to fix everything themselves.

How to remove a vkontakte virus
Viruses can be completely different. It is possible to infect your computer with a banner, or you can run into a program that requires sending SMS. The virus, namely its actions will not be predicted. This is the unpredictability of the activity of scammers who receive information or money they need from malicious programs.

It is worth to talk in more detail about onemoshicheskoy utility, which recently began to appear in social networks. And the question of how to remove the VKontakte or Odnoklassniki virus was to torment many users. This "pest" manifests itself at the moment when a person comes to his page. Instead of the usual account, he displays a window in which you want to enter your phone number. It is supposedly ostensibly in order to be able to verify the real existence of the user. And in the message it is told about a full guarantee in safety of all data which will be sent. Everything is done in such a way as not to cause unnecessary suspicions, because the password recovery or confirmation of its existence in the social network is delivered exactly the same.

Send sms virus

But the difference begins after the systemsends a code to the user's phone and asks to confirm his receipt with the help of a reply SMS. In the event that the user sends SMS, the access to the network, he still does not get, but a certain amount of money will definitely lose.

How to remove the virus VKontakte? In the event that you are blocked access to the site and required to confirm your reality via SMS message, you should not make hasty actions. It is better to understand immediately that no legal organization has the right to demand that you send paid messages. If this is the requirement, then you should think about the appearance of a virus on your computer.

Typically, a similar virus is found in the file underthe name Hosts. In order to solve the problem, how to remove the VKontakte virus, it is necessary to find this document and remove from it all those lines in which the name of the social network is mentioned. After the deletion, all changes must be saved.

Remove virus

How can I find this file? It is located at the following address: C: WindowsSystem32driversetc. Typically, this document is hidden, so you must first change this attribute. Open it very simply with a notepad.

As you can see, the solution to the problem is how to clean the virusVKontakte, does not conceal in itself any difficulties. After all the required rows are deleted, you will be able to access your page. But to update or change your antivirus is still worth it.

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