3G-modem Beeline: reviews and opinions

Needless to say that since the time of NikolaTesla wireless way of transmitting information and electricity excited the minds of all mankind with its imaginary simplicity, but at the same time the complexity in the performance. With the advent of the first modems, the "impossible" was replaced by a vector for "expected", after which it was created by giants (MTS, Megafon and Beeline), a USB modem combining compactness and ease of use

3g modem beeline
thanks to the USB-output technology. But popularity was replaced by disappointment pretty soon. The fact is that the 3G-modem Beeline, despite the abundance of towers that spread the Internet network throughout Russia, was extremely inefficient due to the many indirect factors affecting its quality. And if formally the first 3G modems could deliver speeds of up to three megabits per second, then due to problems in the reception-transmission sphere, in fact this rate rarely exceeded 100-200 kilobits per second, which obviously could not be seen by users . This was the reason that the Beeline modem, reviews about which were initially so rosy, soon after its appearance lost its popularity.

Work on bugs

beeline usb modem
By the way, it should be noted that the 3G-modem Beeline is veryquickly returned its position in the market, unlike its counterparts MegaFon and MTS, who are still trying to follow the footsteps of their more successful competitor. This was done by lowering the prices for modems, as well as installing tower towers in each region (sometimes their number could reach 10-15 pieces per region). This led to the fact that in the near future, by 2008, Beeline's 3G-modem could finally give out the coveted speed, calculated already in megabytes, and subsequently the speed only grew.

User Reviews

At this point, when most of the problemsit was decided that the opinions of Internet users were divided diametrically: from fierce opponents, still remembering money thrown to the wind, to supporters who prefer its fiber and other high-speed networks.

3G-modem Beeline - pros

1) Portability and compactness. Of course, this is not Wi-Fi, but on the other hand the Three Gee network is almost everywhere, and you can connect to the Internet almost anywhere in the world, without dragging along bulky equipment and wires.

2) Easy operation. All you need to know when using a 3G modem is how to click on the "connect" button. Drivers and the program are installed independently, they are autonomous and do not require additional knowledge.

3) Cheapness. Still, even now it is a problem to find the Internet at a good rate for those pennies (from 400 rubles, you can choose a tariff and below), which requires a bilinean modem.

modem beeline reviews
Plus, if you can not pay for the Internet now, you can always change the tariff for cheaper and use the network services further.


1) Frequent disconnections of the connection. Yes it is. Due to the fact that the 3G Internet is spreading through special towers whose network coverage is limited, you will constantly face the problem of disconnection.

2) Low speed. What can you add, besides the facts? The average speed of optical fiber is close to 20 mb. in seconds, while the speed given by the Beeline modem does not exceed 5-6 mb. Buy a 3G-modem Beeline will be much easier if you weigh all the pros and cons of this device.

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