Operator of the computer: job description. Computer operator - specialty

Let's think about who the computer operator is? The work associated with this position may include the most varied areas of professional skills and requirements for the job applicant's education.

job description


Regardless of what company you are submitting toa resume for the position of a computer operator, there are some general provisions and requirements specific to organizations operating in any field of production. They can be separated into a separate group.

  • tracking the state of computer and copying equipment;
  • timely execution of assignments and tasks;
  • informing superiors about the need to purchase supplies;
  • Assisting colleagues to work with tasks assigned to them;
  • tracking the security of the trusted property;
  • storage of commercial and official secrets;
  • knowledge and observance of safety precautions when working with computer equipment;
  • compliance with the internal work schedule.

Of course, such requirements can be applied toany vacancy, but in any case they should also include job description. The operator of the computer at the device for the given post will meet them in hundred percent of cases. General provisions should be included in any employment contract concluded between the employer and the applicant.


As already mentioned, the computer operator is working withblurred standards. In general, this vacancy implies only one thing - working with a personal computer, otherwise the management organization can come up with absolutely any tasks for the employee.

charge operator

One of the most common responsibilities for computer operators is the maintenance of the enterprise database. What in this case can the job description require? The operator of the computer is obliged:

  • work with e-mail;
  • perform information exchange with the client base;
  • print and organize documents.

As you can see, this work is not burdenedtechnical component. The operator of the computer, whose duties we just signed, should be careful when working with the database, and also in the time to provide the necessary data at the request of his colleagues.

Underwater rocks

Sometimes not completely bona fide organizations canto advertise for the search for a computer operator, but when a person comes to an interview or practice, it turns out that his job is not only to stand behind the administrator's desk and enter clients into the database or answer calls, as the job description indicates. The computer operator in such firms should also look for new customers, ringing by numbers and plagued the poor housewives.

general provisions

And here is another case. Everyone knows the "Russian Post" periodically recruiting operators. It seems that it can be simpler and more understandable? It is necessary to enter data from the parcels into the computer and register them. However, in practice, it turns out that these jobs involve dragging heavy bags and boxes, up to 30 kilograms inclusive. After all, there are no vacancies for loaders at the local offices of the post office.

Proceeding from the above, before servingresume PC operator, well, find out about the organization and your future job duties. The operator of a computer is a rather blurry formulation that has many subtle nuances.


According to the qualification guide andfederal standards (since 2014), the profession of "computer operator" does not exist. However, the presence of the same skills implies the specialty "Master of Digital Information Processing".

If you are going to submit a resume for a vacancyoperator PC (computer), then you should know that special requirements for education are usually not presented. You will check the speed of work at the computer and the development of programs, skills in handling office products, and that's all. Most enterprises use unique software developed by programmers, they still have to learn how to work with them.

In order to get a job on this vacancy, even just a five on computer science at school will do. A good bonus will be a completed vocational school for any computer specialty.

Additional education

The computer operator is a specialty, which is in high demand on the labor market, but is low-paid. At its core, this work can be a starting point for future specialists.

For example, for the work of a PC operator in a pharmacy, pharmaceutical knowledge may be useful. Such work can be a good practice for students of the third year of medical faculties in universities.

operator computer work

In addition to practice, the position of PC operator in largecompanies that require special knowledge, can be the first work of a newly-made specialist. Having received the diploma of the engineer in information security and some theoretical knowledge in the field of technical safety and signaling, and then settling in the firm for the installation and sale of security systems, you will get to know the market more closely with the models and equipment configurations in demand. This will make the young specialist the first step on the career ladder.

In some cases, the PC operator evenEmployers are confused with the database operator. Then the applicant is required to know PHP or 1C. In this case, it is not necessary to finish universities. It is enough to attend special courses and get a diploma about their graduation. But prestige and quality of training already play a role here.

Other duties

And finally, let's see what other items the job description can contain. Computer's operator:

  • prepares the documentation necessary for the company's work;
  • performs copying of documents;
  • spelling and punctuation;
  • reprint documents in electronic form.

And this is not all that the operator should doCOMPUTER. Duties vary depending on the employer's imagination. If, in his opinion, an employee works little or too quickly, some of the duties or tasks of other employees of the firm or enterprise may be transferred to you.

computer operator specialty

A vivid example can be the Russian army. Chiefs of staff or commanders of the part often take themselves as assistants to the so-called "staff" - conscripts with higher education. In fact, these are the same PC operators - their tasks include working at the computer (printing out documents, working with data from colleagues, preparing materials for classes). However, sometimes, when the leader is too lazy to carry out any actions independently, he can shift to an incompetent draftee and more responsible work, such as filling in the personal files of officers or preparing reports.

Hopefully, our article helped you, and you understood the above analogies. You should not have questions about the duties of PC operators.

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