How to check the ticket? "Russian Lotto" - methods of verification

After buying lottery coupons "Russian Lotto"you become a participant automatically. Valuable prizes that will be played out depend on the circulation. As a rule, apartments, cars, cash prizes, country cottages, bathhouses, vouchers to the sea and so on are played out. Quite often lotteries are timed to a holiday. In order to receive one of the prizes, it is required that the ticket purchased is a winning combination. To find out the result, you should check the coupon, and how to check the ticket ("Russian Lotto"), you will find out below.

how to check a Russian lotto ticket

the Internet

To obtain the results of the "Russian Lotto" drawing with the help of the World Wide Web, there are two ways. This is a test of the dropped combinations by the number and by the number plate.

How to check the ticket ("Russian Lotto") by number

On the main page of the official site is a list of all past lotteries. From the presented list it is necessary to choose a lottery "Russian Lotto".

In the browser window that opens, at the top of the page, there is a button "Check ticket", click on it.

Next, the tab opens, where you want to specify the number of circulation and the combination of the ticket.

Ticket validation will start only after the correct data entry, otherwise the desired key will be inactive.

How else to check the ticket ("Russian Lotto")? The table of circulations is located on the public site to check the numerical combinations. On this portal information about the conducted drawings is stored for six months, so if it did not turn out to check the ticket at once, do not despair. Verification occurs instantly, you only need to enter the number of circulation and coupon.

Another way to find out if you won a lottery coupon or not, is to watch the recording of the program on the public website of the Russian Lotto.

check ticket Russian lotto table

How to check the ticket ("Russian Lotto"), if there is no exit to the Network, and the TV show could not be watched? For this case, other methods are provided.

Other verification methods

Alternative places where to check tickets ("Russian Lotto") is given the opportunity, a little, but they are no less reliable and convenient.

For example, through a QIWI payment machine. You can find out the result of the lottery by sending an SMS message to the designated phone number. In addition, in case of a win, a citizen has the opportunity to withdraw the amount due to him on an electronic wallet registered with him.

where to check out Russian lotto tickets

Another way is to compare the winning combinations with the circulation table in the press. Russian newspapers and magazines publishing the results of the drawings:

  • Sportloto;
  • "Evening Moscow";
  • the newspaper Trud;
  • "Moscow Truth";
  • "Sudarushka";
  • "Job in Moscow".

How to check the ticket ("Russian Lotto") we discussedrather thoroughly. With the advent of modern technologies, various e-commerce services, the procedure for verifying lottery coupons has become easier, now nothing prevents you from enjoying the game to the maximum. Remember that you can always get information about the results, even if you did not manage to watch your favorite program on TV.

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