Instructive proverbs about shame and guilt

Russian folk art is richnumerous proverbs and sayings. They are a reflection of public consciousness and cultural thought of past generations. Reading such short instructive statements, we have the opportunity to receive precious knowledge and learn from the experience of previous generations.

proverbs about shame and guilt

Proverbs about shame and guilt often affectmoral values ​​of man, his ability to remain sensitive and attentive to what is happening around. People are sometimes able to change only from the fact that someone will point out to them for their own mistake, they do not want to look in someone's eyes wrong. In this article are the most instructive proverbs and sayings about shame. Perhaps, they will seem interesting and instructive to readers.

"Where there is shame, there is conscience"

It is believed that the confession of guilt isright feeling. Indeed, it allows the individual to realize some of his bad actions and strive to correct them. Conscience lies in us so that we can work on our own character, improve the personality as a whole. Proverbs about shame and guilt show how great a person needs to be "in good standing" in society.

"Making mistakes, do not be ashamed to correct"

Unfortunately, many people in some cases are afraidto admit its wrong. For them, this is tantamount to inscribing one's own weakness, becoming vulnerable. Such persons are ready to prove the opposite, while there is enough spiritual strength. In fact, there is no need to try to hide from yourself the noble impulses of the soul. All of us to some extent miss blunders, but they can not detract from our importance and value.

proverbs and sayings about shame

If you make a mistake and realize this, there is nothe meaning of hiding from others. It is better to recognize your own wrongfulness as soon as possible and live peacefully more than every day to be tormented by remorse. Proverbs about shame and guilt emphasize this idea.

"A woman without modesty, like food without salt"

From time immemorial it was believed that a girl should bemodest. Chastity and decency have always been valued highly. Shyness played the main role here. She gave the woman a special mystical mystery that she wanted to unravel. The girl is so attractive that her nature is mysterious and not always understandable to a man.

Thus, proverbs about shame and guiltemphasize the undeniable value of conscience for each individual. He can not fully take place as a person, if he can not analyze his own actions.

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