Social networks: how to "VKontakte" invite a friend to the group

Today have a promoted group in the socialnetwork is very profitable. Advertising in popular communities is in great demand. The main criterion for a quality site is an active audience, and for this it is necessary to write and post interesting posts with colorful pictures on the community wall, create polls and surveys on topical issues. Of course, all these actions are very important for the development of the group, there will not be a large number of subscribers - there will not be a successful advertising platform. So how to solve the issue of attracting the target audience, how to invite friends to the VKontakte group?

how to contact a friend in a group

Self-promotion and manual invitations

The empty group is unlikely to join the participants,who learned about it through search, the community needs to be filled with friends. This is the first and the right step. How do I invite a friend to the group? There are three ways to do this:

  1. To fix the advertising description of your community with the appeal of joining it.
  2. Send private messages asking to join the group or share the news via the "tell friends" button, which is under the avatar.
  3. Send an invitation from the community. Before answering the question on how to invite friends to the VKontakte group, it is necessary that the community be not a public page (in this case only the previous two methods will do), but had the status of an open or closed group. In this case, on the main page under the avatar, open the drop-down menu via the button "You are in a group" and, by going to the "Invite friends" tab, send invitations.

how to invite friends to a group vkontakte

These are the only ways how to "VKontakte" invite a friend to the group from your page.

Are there any restrictions?

To combat spam, the administration of socialnetwork has set a limit for sending similar messages by one user. How many friends can I invite to the VKontakte group? One user per day can offer to join the community to no more than 40 of his friends who have access to such activities. Each user in the settings can block similar invitations, a member of the group who will try to send the proposal will be informed about this.

how many friends can I invite to the vkontakte group

Help for other users

You can ask your friends to do itdescribed the above actions and invited people from their list. The more people respond to the request, the better. But, as statistics show, less than half of the list actively help in such work. But do not neglect the way to invite not only friends to the VKontakte group. Of course, this will not solve the problem of the number of community, but it will help at the initial stage of promotion.

Paid Ways

In order to increase the size of the community,you can resort to the help of special sites, where users for a small financial reward themselves will join the number of subscribers. These sites include services for earnings in social networks, postal boxes, text exchanges. To use this method, you must register on one of the sites and place an order.

Sample task:

"It is necessary to join the" Young Parents "group (link in the order parameters), put the likes to several posts and invite 40 people to the community."

If you need to invite an audience for certain criteria, you need to add certain requirements to the subscriber to the text of the order:

  1. Age: 19-30 years.
  2. Place of residence: Russia.

To make sure that the contractor has fulfilled all the conditions of the order, the following data should be requested for the report:

  1. Link to a profile in a social network.
  2. List of invited people.
  3. A screenshot with the inscription "You can not invite more than 40 people a day." The picture should show the group logo in the address bar of the browser, the time and date on the computer.

How to invite friends to the VKontakte group and not get a ban?

how to invite not only friends to the vkontakte group

For a large number of private messages withrequests to join the community user page can be blocked, first for a certain time, and if the "suspicious activity" repeats itself - forever. Beginners may not puzzle themselves with questions about how to "VKontakte" invite a friend to the group, but use special cheat programs, which on the Internet are sufficient, both paid and free versions. For the use of such software, a ban can be obtained not only by the user on behalf of whom invitations are sent, but also the group to which they are invited to join. Therefore, in order not to lose the community and not to lose all the means and forces invested in it, it is better to turn to professionals who, for a fee, will be engaged in promoting the site. In this case, the question of how to invite a friend to the group in VKontakte will be relevant only at the initial stage of work, or you can not even engage in attracting people, the webmaster will do all this.


  1. Monitor the number of personal messages sent out so as not to cause suspicions from the administration of the social network. Their text should not be repeated all the time.
  2. Do not use the participants' cheat programs.
  3. For faster recruitment of participants, you can use special sites.
  4. There should be real users in the group, so you need to periodically clean it from blocked pages.
  5. Constantly develop your group by posting unique and up-to-date content.
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