"Global Test Market" questionnaire: reviews and options for receiving money

Today, such a resource is gaining popularityGlobal Test Market. Before this project is the task of filling out marketing questionnaires with the opportunity to earn on it. This Internet resource works all over the world with business flagships. This is an undeniable advantage in conducting an online survey.

global test market reviews

How it works?

Willing to participate in this project, firstturn, must register, and also make up a personal sociological portrait. After this procedure, the applicant must regularly check his or her mailbox. The number of incoming proposals-questionnaires is mainly influenced by the quality of filling the profile. All is taken into account, beginning with activity in research activity, ending with the presence of errors during registration. Can I make good money on polls?

In the beginning, the payment for such services is strongvaries, but this is normal. The increase in experience and experience provides a good result for a person. Even in case of unsuccessful attempts to participate in the research, it is possible to get a prize in monthly competitions with cash prizes.

In the case of a sufficient number of points (theirusers receive after the survey), you can order a payment. The entire order of actions in this case is given below. This site has shown itself for the best part of the work, all participants received their money. About the project "Global Test Market" reviews are exceptionally positive.

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How is the payment calculated?

All checks received for participation in surveys are paid. However, there are two important features:

  1. The following scheme for converting glasses intomoney: 1000 points is equal to 50 dollars. When exchanging both 50 and 100 dollars, the service takes the same fixed commission. It follows that it is more profitable to accumulate a large amount, for example 2000 points, and then change it. "Global Test Market", whose reviews are so positive, has the minimum amount of payments that it is not easy to accumulate.
  2. The validity of checks on time is limited. Therefore, it must be remembered that this time period includes the time of delivery of the check to your mail, and the period of the search for the possibility to cash it. Better beforehand, before ordering payments, take all these points into account to save time. Otherwise, in case of delay, it will be necessary to send the check back for re-registration.

global test market

Check Cashing

Drawing on many years of experience that hasinternational network of paid surveys, one can say that one of the important moments in this activity is cashing a check. The fact is that the accumulation of the necessary amount on a particular resource takes more than one month.

At some point on the balance sheet appearsenough money for withdrawal. However, we must take into account that the process of earning a living is not fast and often lasts up to two months. There is also the risk of losing your check. After receiving the document on hand, you need to go through the procedure for cashing it.

"Global test market": feedback on the receipt of money

There are several generally available options for action, according to feedback from the project participants. Consider three of them, the most popular.

Option one. It is required to apply to any bank in the placeresidence. There will be an encashment procedure. It lasts up to 2 months. For this operation a commission of 5-10% will be taken. Procedure of the bank:

  • The check is withdrawn and sent to the foreign bank where it was issued.
  • If it is recognized as valid, the bank,who wrote the check, transfers the specified amount. For conducting this operation, certain percentages will be withheld (the cost of this service in the Savings Bank will be 3% of the amount specified in the check, but not less than $ 3).
  • It is important to note that this commission (in the amount of $ 3)the bank will take not at the time of transfer of money, but when receiving a check for the procedure of collection. If the check is declared invalid for one reason or another, the commission will not be returned.

This procedure can be done in commercialbank. In this case, you have to pay a higher percentage for the work. But here the term of cashing is less. Despite the fact that this scheme is reliable and reliable, the process takes from 1 to 2 months, which is not always inconvenient.

international network of paid surveys

What do the users of the Global Test Market say themselves? Reviews about this method of withdrawal of funds are extremely negative. Therefore, it is better to use the following method.

Option Two. Provides the opportunity to cash a check withless losses. This method is the easiest and fastest, but for its use you need to travel abroad. Abroad, any bank cashes a check immediately or within a week. This option can be used when leaving the country for rest or work.

For this it is necessary to clarify in the touristfirm or online, how the procedure for cashing out checks in the host country occurs. This option allows you to cash out all checks quickly and immediately. It is also important that the procedure will be completely confidential and information on incomes will not fall into the tax service.

Option Three. Apply to a financial institution thatprovides cashing services for checks. The main thing is to make the right decision in choosing the right variant, and making money on polls will be absolutely real.

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