Details on how to send a card by e-mail

Now we will talk about how to send a postcard by e-mail, because this way you can transfer not only static, but even voice or animated greetings.

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how to send a card by e-mail
All actions of this kind can behelp your computer or mobile phone. If you decide to send a postcard by e-mail, and it refers to a static type, then you do not have to worry about how the recipient will view it, and whether Flash Player is installed on its computer.


send a card by email
Start the solution of the problem, how to send a postcard toe-mail, follows with its creation. Draw the picture yourself in a graphic editor or download from the network your favorite image. You can also take a picture. Next, we attach the finished file to the email you send. To do this, click "Browse", navigate to the folder with the picture file, specify it and click "Ok". Also, you may have to click on the "Attach" button if this process does not happen automatically. Wait for the download. Make sure that each field of the message is full, and click "Send".


Next, we'll look at how to send a postcard toe-mail to GIF format. This solution allows you to put a simple animation into the file, which consists of a series of changing images. Transfer of such cards is carried out according to the instructions indicated above. The only difference is that you should choose ready-made solutions in GIF format. The fact is that the standard graphics editor of the operating system is not enough to create an animation. From now on, you know how to send a postcard by e-mail, we hope that thanks to the information provided you can make the life of your loved ones even more joyful.

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