How do I write to VKontakte support or find the right answer?

"VKontakte" - one of the most popular socialnetworks of Russia. Developers take care of their users, constantly improve the service and introduce innovations. Because of this, many people have questions, which helps solve technical support. How do I write to tech support? Let's talk about how to use it and where to look.

How to write to technical support "VKontakte"

If you have a question about working with"VKontakte", then as quickly and accurately as it can respond tech support. It is very easy to access it - just click on the "Help" button and fill out the form. Consider two options, as "VKontakte" write in technical support. This can be done using a computer or phone.

how to write a tech support page

How to write a letter to technical support "VKontakte" withcomputer or main version? A few months ago "VKontakte" updated the design, which was available to users, but was not mandatory. Since August, the social network has completely moved to a new style and arrangement of elements, i.e. buttons. Now, in order to write to technical support, you need to pay attention to the right upper corner. It contains your photo and name. If you click on the photo, a small menu will drop out. The "Help" item is located there, above the "Exit" button.

how to write a letter to tech support vkontakte

How to write to technical support "VKontakte" withphone? To do this, select the last item in the menu - "Settings". In it you will find the word "Help". Click on it and go to the list of questions. If none of the proposed questions is suitable, then drive your own. You will be offered similar options, but in case of mismatch, you can ask your own. Next, you just ask the question in the form below.

How to fill in the form

How do I write to tech support? To do this, simply fill out the form. You have already found the "Help" button, went to the right page. Now enter your question in the top box. You will be offered several options that match yours. Click on the space bar. Below there will be a button that will prompt you to ask a question. You will be asked to write technical support if the required article was not found. Click on "Write us" or "None of these options are appropriate" and go to the form for the question. In the title of the question, we write the main topic, a little later we describe the problem in detail. You can attach a photo or document to the question.

How to read the answer to a question

After the question is answered byyou can see the notification in the menu block. It is displayed by the word "support" and disappears after reading. The letter gives detailed instructions on what to do to solve the problem. There are often situations where a social network does not presuppose the actions that you need. Agent tech support necessarily offer you a similar option or one that will solve your problem as much as possible.

how to write to tech support vkontakte

After the question is answered,a separate tab - "My questions". It indicates the number of questions you asked. If necessary, you can read the answer again and solve the problem. They will also be asked to answer if the support agent has solved the problem. To do this, you must select the desired option in two statements. The first concerns the work of the immediate support agent - choose between "This is a good answer" and "This is a bad answer." The second one concerns whether this answer helped in your situation - "It's OK, thank you!" or "The problem is not resolved." If you do not like the answer, then a field appears where you can express your problem twice and write why the information from the support agent does not suit you. This information will be transferred to the technical support to improve the service.

Perhaps your question has already been asked

Thousands of users have already turned totechnical support with different questions. Many of them coincide. Therefore, before you open the form to fill in the question, you will be offered some information. If you find a question that fully reflects yours, then just read the answer. There are also several sections, such as "My Page", "Wall", etc., which highlight the most popular questions from users.

how to write to tech support from a phone

You can open any of the questions and read onhis answer. In the end, you will be asked to evaluate the information received - whether it helped or not. To do this, simply click on the button "This solves my problem", if the answer helped, or "It does not solve my problem" - if not.

Questions not related to the work of "VKontakte"

The Internet often pops up funny screenshots,which users turn to technical support "VKontakte". How to write a message to the technical support "Vkontakte", which does not reflect the problems and issues concerning the service? The principle remains the same - fill out the form and send. Although the employees with humor and understanding answer amusing and philosophical questions, we do not recommend to distract them from trifles. The average expectation of an answer to a question is 5 hours. So, a person who really needs help will wait for the solution of the problem even longer.

how to write a message to tech support vkontakte

Most Popular Questions

How to write "VKontakte" in technical support, wefigured out. Now let's read the most popular questions. This will make it easier for newcomers to use the social network, and will also clarify many details. Most popular questions concern safety. What should I do if the page is hacked or blocked? How to recover messages? As well as other issues that are divided into groups. Choosing one of the groups that most accurately determines the subject of the question, you go to the answer page. To read them, select one of the questions and click on it.

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