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If you have ever created an Internet site, thenyou probably know what hosting is and domain. You may also have used some website builder to develop and launch a page on the subject you are interested in. And if you have been searching for a site for hosting your site (hosting) for a long time, you have repeatedly faced non-professionals. This is indicated by many who were forced to find a reliable and affordable solution.

About the company that can always provide youprofitable (in terms of costs) and suitable (in terms of its technical parameters) hosting, we will talk in this article. You probably heard about it. This is the industry leader, The testimonies indicate that she is one of the largest domain registrars in Russia. And of course, she has all the qualities of a leader: low prices for services, excellent user support, the option to choose the option that suits you best.


About the industry

Speaking about such a sphere as the provision of serviceshosting and registration of domain names, it is necessary to note the highest level of competition. In these niches are concentrated the largest players of the Internet market, which are present here since the beginning of the 2000s.

Of course, if you want to open your owna company specializing in such services, you will need to come up with some kind of brilliant idea that can simply blow up the market. In any other case, there is no need to think about conquest of this Everest. After all, in fact, now in this field there are thousands of resellers who simply sublet the power taken from larger sharks.

As the characterizing service www.reg reviews, it is he who is such a "shark", capable of absorbing smaller and weaker players, squeezing them out of the market and simply luring customers. And there is nothing surprising in this - the company rightfully took the leading positions in the Internet services industry. About her thousands of customers know; here they regularly buy services like small blogs, as well as large commercial projects, trusting the company (which we will report a little further on), the stable operation of their services and the overall fate of their business. reviews

Of course, on the Internet besides this companyThere are still thousands of the same, offering services of an adjacent profile. However, there are not so many projects on the network that work with a similar scale. Hosting (reviews can clearly confirm this) is a platform for the constant operation of a huge number of sites. Therefore, do not underestimate this giant, which means so much in the domain industry.

About company

In order to impress your imagination,it is enough to give some figures, determined by the basic statistical indicators. So, the company has repeatedly been recognized as the number one registrar in Russia due to the number of its customers, the total amount of all domains served and the quality of work. Also this provider has a permanent service of about 2.5 million domain names. For the entire period of its work the company provided its services about 14 million times. To date, they buy hosting services and domain, as well as their other varieties of about 900 thousand users. As reported by characteristic of reviews, all customers receive round the clock support of competent specialists on any issue of interest.

In total, this resource, which we describe, was able toTo achieve in a relatively short period - since 2006. At the same time, thanks to a large number of users, he became one of the leaders in domain registration in Europe! Here is the high level of this company.

hosting reviews

Activity vector

As you already understood, the service providesdomain registration and hosting services. Of course, in fact the vector of the company's work is much broader. As the reviews show, has many other options and suggestions that may be of interest to entrepreneurs, companies and even private individuals. It all depends on what they do, for what purpose they turned to this service. All about the most popular services available on the site (reviews - including), we'll talk a little further.

In the meantime, we note that, despite the different services,which the company renders, as a whole the vector of its activity remains rather narrow. This service in the field of Internet telecommunications. Whatever is added here as additional products (for example, the same designer of sites, reviews of which we will bring to your attention further), domain names and hosting for websites remain central. Starting from them, the company begins to create some new services, areas of its activities, making the work of ordinary customers more comfortable and easier.

Domain registration

Let's talk about the basic option, which regularlyservice is approached by more than 2.5 million people. These figures indicate a lot. First, they show that this company has a huge selection of domain name zones that are subject to registration. At the time of writing, the service worked with 750 zones. Therefore, even if a user wants to have a site with a name other than the .ru zone, he can apply for some more original zone (including the geographical names of some islands or thematic new domains like .hotel, .travel and etc).

Secondly, it's safe to work with such a provider. For each site, the domain name is the basis of future activity. It is due to him that any Internet resource becomes known, other users will recognize it. Therefore, if the client wants to create his own resource that will function without any problems with the domain name, he needs to turn to a trusted, reliable registrar, who will also continue his work in the future (so that he does not have to move the domain and perform other similar extra actions ). If you read reviews of the registrar, you will see for yourself how stable this service is.

As stated on their website, responsibilityThe registrar is insured for a million dollars in Rosgosstrakh. At a minimum, this should inspire confidence in clients. And reliability is in this case another argument for using Reviews about hosting, which offers a client company, we will introduce in the next section. Here you will also become more familiar with the price policy. In the meantime, let's return to domain names and give another, third argument, confirming that cooperation with "Reg.Ru" is your right choice.

designer sites reviews

This argument is the price policy. Despite the fact that the service is the leader in the Russian market, it does not pursue a big profit with the help of high prices for its services. You can verify this by visiting the corresponding tab "Cost of Services".

Here are the prices for creating a name in eachfrom the available domain names. In a huge list (consisting, let us recall, of more than 700 variations), you can find both international and regional domains, as well as thematic zones for identifying your business. Given the flexible system of discounts (which act, for example, to register several names at once), the user gets the opportunity to get his Internet address cheaper than many other registrar companies. And this despite the fact that you are invited to work with the leader!

For example, the .ru domain costs only 199 rubles, .com - 784 rubles, .net - 756 rubles per year. To get acquainted with the prices in more detail you can on the corresponding page of the site.

Another plus of the service is the simplicity of the interface. As the reviews characterizing show, you can register a domain here in just a few minutes, simply by specifying your personal data and selecting the desired name.


Another important direction in the work of the companyis the provision of hosting services for the placement of sites on the Internet. The description of this activity can be found in another section of the resource devoted to various tariff plans. It should be noted that hosting, reviews about which we analyzed in the process of writing this material, is represented by a wide set of tariff plans, which are divided into three groups: unlimited, classic and VIP packages.

In each of them there are several plans,which have their own characteristics and characteristics. For example, there is a Host-Unlim plan in unlimited, which assumes that there are no restrictions on the amount of traffic, disk space, databases, and so on. The cost of this package starts from just 199 rubles a month, but, probably, the price will increase as the client connects new options. The final cost, therefore, depends on the needs of the user in the resources. reviews on Hosting

The classic tariff group is 5hosting-plans, the cost of which varies within the limits of 149-389 rubles in the base filling. In this case, the client can change the configuration of each of the presented plans and, thus, increase their cost. Details of what features are characterized by each of the tariffs, you can see in the Hosting tab. The feedback reports that there is detailed information about the plans and conditions for using them.

other services

Of course, there is also a list consisting ofOther services that the company provides to its customers. These are both sections related to the products described above, and completely different, accompanying options. The first, for example, is the ability to rent a VPS or Dedicated server; Access to cloud hosting or order the protection of your site with an SSL certificate. As for the second group of related services, they include the designer of sites.

Reviews about it indicate that usersreally appreciated the possibilities of this tool. Everything is extremely simple: if a person has the opportunity to develop a site without attracting any extraneous services, on his own, such a designer will simply not need him. Conversely, if a user is interested in the ability to run a web service without the knowledge of programming languages ​​and even without the basics of html-markup, he can do it, just using such a designer Reviews about him left people who turned to him for help, and they are mostly positive. They say that the tool is ideal for beginners and those who do not want to spend their time learning the basics or money for specialists.

Characterizing the service reviews about the designer note that this tool is very useful. It has a wide selection of templates and all the necessary functionality that you need to run your resource. And most importantly - it is very simple to use and, judging by the comments, I liked a lot of users. staff feedback

Customer Testimonials

We have already begun to characterize the comments,left about the site designer, developed by the company. Now I would also like to quote reviews and assessments of clients devoted to hosting. After all, unlike a one-time operation in the form of domain registration, constant maintenance of servers is a more complicated task. And if you want to become a client of the company, you must know how well it handles this.

After analyzing about a hundred reviews, we canto come to the conclusion that the average score is kept at 3.5 points out of 5. The reason for this is simple: some users indicated that the company provides the service at the highest level, giving the opportunity to order tariffs at the lowest prices. The other part, on the contrary, negatively characterizes the company's work in the part of hosting services, noting constant failures in the functioning of its Internet projects. What caused this contrast in the comments, it is difficult to say. Perhaps the owners of some of the resources actually experienced problems, but it may also be that such reviews were left specifically to lower the host's rating. Still, it is hard to believe that such a company as "" does not monitor its servers and can not provide them with high "uptime" and stable operation.

In addition, many praise the work of thishosting provider also for the reason that this company is able to provide a number of additional services (in addition to basic hosting). Immediately they see their serious mood: can lease your dedicated servers to you, so can not they provide normal hosting rates for virtual hosting? This is simply unrealistic, by all indications the company is leading in the field of Internet / telecom services, and this is a guarantee of quality of customer service.


So, we discussed how the company works withwith their clients, providing domain registration and hosting services. You probably did not even know, but they also carry out automatic SEO-promotion. (reviews this is repeatedly confirmed) is a multi-profile company that can provide a range of services. However, we will not return to customer service. In the last sections of the article, we would like to draw your attention to how its employees relate to the work within the service. And for this, therefore, we will analyze the vacancies available in the company (at least at the time of writing the article).

So, by visiting the "Career in" tab Reg.we found out that the company is recruiting employees in different spheres of its activity, for example, customer service requires technical support specialists, consultants to transfer sites from one hosting to another, and experts for consultations on the work of domain names. these vacancies are interesting, promising in terms of career and, of course, highly paid. reviews

The second direction is design and development.Here you need a UX-designer, as well as a programmer in Perl. To these vacancies, in turn, the company makes other demands. In general terms, there are very different criteria for selecting specialists.

Employee feedback

What about the work in this company is written by those whoalready there works? In order to find out, we are asking for help with resources that provide real expert feedback on a particular service (more precisely, what it's like to work here). And now we saw information from several development specialists who went to

Reviews of employees, it should be noted, they look likemuch more positive than the comments of customers. They say that getting into this job was really difficult. It was necessary to pass a serious interview, after which HR managers determined whether these specialists fit the company. It turned out that they were successfully accepted, after which they were officially enlisted in the state.

In addition to the basic advantages in the form of legalemployment and "white" salary, as well as a pleasant team and a whole set of social guarantees, each of the reviews also notes how interesting work is in such a company. Here, it is really required of an employee not to perform any mechanical, machine work, but to manifest creativity and to search for an unusual way to solve the problem. If you are a creative person who wants to try something new in life, work here will be a complete pleasure for you.


So, what can we say about such a well-known andas successful company as "Reg.Ru"? Without excessive modesty, it can be noted that this is one of the most successful IT companies, not counting search engines and social networks. Taking into account that the service is of a purely commercial nature, such a large number of registered users testifies to the high-quality service, the correct approach of its creators to this business and the correct priorities placed during the project's activity on the market.

Due to all these factors, and thanks tothe correct time of launching the service the company has turned out to be very dynamically developing and actively expanding its activities. If the initial profile of the service was the registration of domains, now it is also the hosting of Internet projects, as well as a number of support services. This approach makes the service a real center of Internet technologies. Moreover, the company managed to excel at such a competitive and busy market, which is already crowded with strong players. This is another indicator of how justified were all the investments made by the founders at the very beginning.

Today, " "is a successful project that can function independently, obviously it continues to develop and only improves its service in order to make interaction with its customers even more comfortable and simple.

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