How to set up the torrent correctly? Instructions for beginners

It's hard to imagine a life without torrents. Everyone constantly shakes something and uses for this a variety of programs and methods. Usually everything goes fine, until the speed starts to "sink" in a few MB / s due to some personal features of the computer, the network or, more often, just the settings. So how do you properly set up torrent, work with programs, and personalize the interface?

All torrent settings

Is it worth changing the settings?

Many users mistakenly believe thatcustomizing the program manually will significantly increase the download speed and ensure uninterrupted downloads of files in any situation. Unfortunately, it is not. Setting up programs will only stabilize their work and achieve maximum speed results, which directly depends on the type and quality of your Internet connection.

All programs are already configured forneeds of the mass user, so manual software migration is almost unnecessary. For example, in those cases, if you practically do not use it or do not understand why this is all. If you are really interested in the question of how to properly configure the torrent client - check out below.

Featured Software

In fact, programs for downloading torrentsquite a lot, but really good ones are few, but close to ideal and not at all. Probably, because we constantly have to look for some ways to bypass provider locks or adjust to the fast-growing speed of connections and file sizes. Popular programs for Windows include:

  • uTorrent;
  • qBitTorrent;
  • BitTorrent
  • Vuze;
  • BitComet.

Unfortunately, to consider in detail eachthe program is not possible because of too much material, so only the most popular ones are presented below. By analogy with these instructions, other customers can be adjusted. Now let's take a closer look at how to properly configure the torrent client.

General information

The concept of customization is very simple: To increase the download speed, the quality of the connection using BitTorrent protocol technology should be increased. Almost all the programs presented above work on it, which means that the general configuration scheme is not too different.

Scheme of work of feasts

To more or less understand how to set the torrent to the maximum speed, you need to understand the following concepts:

  • Distribution is the process of distributing parts of a file that has already been downloaded completely or partially for other network members.
  • Feasts are the computers involved in the distribution.
  • Sid - computers that have already downloaded the file completely and are currently on the distribution.
  • BitTorrent - the protocol used to organize the torrent network. In fact, this is what, thanks to which, there are torrents.

It is also worth noting the fact that some providers seriously block sidings, so using torrent clients can be very difficult, but more on this later.

So, let's analyze the question - "How to configure downloading torrent client for the best stability of work?".

Main and language settings

Configuring qBitTorrent for home use

Like the previous client, qBitTorrent is not bad at the beginning. He quickly and without your undue interference downloading a movie or game, after which he will distribute the file to other users.

You can use the Alt + O combination to enter the settings window. There are a lot of parameters here, but they are all collected and neatly organized, and the window itself has an intuitive interface. Let's start the setup from the main tab. At the very top there is a menu of language options. If the program was launched in an incomprehensible language, you can select the required item from the list and restart the client.

Set other options in this sectionyou can at your own discretion, they do not significantly affect the client's work. However, if you use qBitTorrent to boot by default, you should check both checkboxes in the "File Associations" section.

In this window there are no very complicated and incomprehensible points, so we will not go into detail here. You can also copy the settings from the screenshot below.

Configuring BitTorrent

Continue to configure qBitTorrent

To configure the download speed here are important"BitTorrent" and "Speed" tabs. Let's start with the first one. Here are the parameters for connecting to peers, and download options. The configuration is as follows:

  • We include DHT (for improved search for peers), exchange of peers and search for local peers.
  • Enable encryption to bypass some possible locks;
  • In the "Priority" choose the number of simultaneous downloads / hands at your own discretion. The higher the connection speed, the higher the value can be set.
  • If you do not want to distribute torrents for a long time, you can set a timer to track the distribution time. Torrent itself will retire or stop.
BitTorrent speed setting

Speed ​​tab

Here are just a few fields that are responsible forspeed distribution. If you disable everything - get the most out of traffic, but there may be a decrease in the speed of surfing the network. Dispose of these points at your discretion based on the speed of your Internet connection.

There is also one remarkable addition to thisview the clock to decrease the speed. Let's say you can set minimum traffic usage in the daytime, but allow maximum speed at night, so as not to overload the network.

There are many other settings in the program, butthey have no or minimal impact on the download speed. You can independently experiment with them to achieve the most beneficial results. And now let's look at how to set up the download in the torrent client uTorrent.

A little about uTorrent

The most common torrent client isuTorrent. By the way, BitTorrent is built on the basis of the source code from uTorrent, so it is configured exactly the same way and it is not necessary to consider it in a separate order.

Use this program can like,beginners, and advanced users. Moreover, the program is suitable for installation on a server or use at work and has for this many useful functions. Next, consider how to properly configure the torrent client of this manufacturer.

Language settings


It's quite difficult to configure, if nothingdo not understand, especially if the interface is not even in English, but in Japanese, for example. So first let's figure out how to set up the torrent in Russian.

Language parameters can be changed during installation, and already in the running program. This requires:

  1. Go to the main settings window by pressing Ctrl + P.
  2. In the first upper field, select the desired language.
  3. Reload torrent.

Now you use the desired language and you can learn more in detail how to properly configure the torrent. In the open window, in addition to the language, there are other settings, and we'll look at them.


One of the most important tabs.Here are the settings that will tell you how to properly configure the torrent connection. It is worth taking this section as seriously as possible. So, the actions with the parameters:

  • It is desirable to use ports above 10,000, so thatexclude mixing with service. If in doubt, generate the port with the "Generate" button. Disable automatic port detection to keep the connection to the current port all the time.
  • In the same window, we allow UPnP redirects andNAT-PMP. This is necessary for simplified connection and management of network devices. And in the future, correctly establish connections, except when the protocols can not be started.
  • It is also worth adding uTorrent to the exceptions to the Windows Firewall so that during operation it does not consider the program to be malicious.
Speed ​​control

Speed ​​tab

Let's stop here to learn how to set the torrent to the maximum speed. Here you can determine the limitations of the traffic used. Actual for downloaded and weak connections.

In this section, the settings can bethe return of the torrent, and the speed of reception. The most correct solution will be the distribution of parameters depending on the speed of your tariff plan, this will allow and share files and quickly receive them.

The window should look like this:

  • It is desirable to set the return limit to 0,if the network allows. Torrent is able not only to download files, but also to distribute them with chunks from each downloaded computer. If the Internet is used during downloads, you can specify this parameter less than your rate of return of the tariff plan by about 20%.
  • Uncheck the "Speed ​​of distribution if there are no downloads" item.
  • Limit the reception speed set to 0, to get everything from the network. In this case, the rest of the traffic will suffer, but the download speed will increase.
  • The maximum number of connections is 250.
  • The number of connections is 50-80.
  • Recoil slots for one torrent - 4 and tick "Add slots if the rate of return is <90%".

Great, we sorted it out, but we will notstop. Let's move on to the next tab, in order to even more accurately configure the torrent. As a rule, the default settings are correct, and you do not need to change them.

Configuring BitTorrent

BitTorrent tab in uTorrent

This tab defines the settings for the client to work outside the computer.

  • Using DHT provides a search for torrents that are on the distribution without using a tracker.
  • Set the checkboxes to "use uTP and UDP protocols". Due to the specifics of their work, they allow you to download files faster.
  • Also tick the "Exchange"feasts ". The function allows you to exchange peer addresses on already connected machines, thereby speeding up their search and connection, and accordingly, and downloading.
  • Scrape requests allow you to get information aboutsidah and feasts on the tracker. Now it is used rather mediocre, therefore a tick is optional, although it will not affect the work, if it is installed.
  • Turn on encryption to reduce the possibility of interception of the siting by the provider.

Such parameters will help you set up the torrent for downloading and for acceptable distribution.

It is worth saying that a more subtle and deeptuning will only slightly improve the stability of work and connections, but the speed of loading will not be affected. Therefore, if you are just getting started with a torrent, such settings will be enough.

In conclusion

So we figured out how to set up the torrentto the maximum speed, regardless of the client used. It should be noted that whatever parameters are specified, it will not be possible to get 3 MB / s from the original 1 Mb / s, moreover, the download speed will always be lower than the one declared in the tariff. The same applies to bestowal. Nevertheless, to accelerate the download is always useful, because because of one incorrectly ticked, you can get a "sag" in a few tens of percentages of speed.

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