What are html templates?

If you frequently use e-mail forpromotion of the site, the sale of goods and services, advertising, etc. it is very important that the letters not only had useful and interesting content to the users, but also looked attractive. Of course, you can create individualized messages each time, however it takes time, effort and presence in the staff of a web designer who will have to pay a lot for this. It's much easier to use ready-made html templates.

What it is?

As a matter of fact, these are drafts of letters, with already readydesign, where you only need to insert the necessary information. Html templates are available on the web in large numbers. A lot of them are paid, which is not surprising. People were wasting their time, and now they want to get money for this. However, there are quite beautiful and functional free offers.

html emails templates

Template letters can be useful for anymailings, greetings, congratulations, some special offers and promotions. Each type of letter has a certain typical structure, which means that an appropriate template can be selected for it.

Two important factors play an important role in patterns:

1) Adaptability (the ability to modify the html-template of the letter for distribution under itself without special skills in web programming), simplifying and speeding up the work.

2) Its attractiveness from a visual point of view, on which efficiency depends very much.


E-mail does not support the so-called. block layout, and html template letters should be tabulated. Also, most programs for working with e-mail are incompatible with css-styling, so without it you will also have to manage.

It's been a long time since people usede-mail only from home computers. Now the functionality of many mobile devices is not inferior to them. Accordingly, templates of html-letters should work equally well on tablets, mobile phones, and smartphones.

 html email template for distribution

For small screens, minimalism is valid. Only the most needed elements remain to be displayed. The clickable fragments of the design should be made of this size and positioned so that the desired link can be accessed from the first time.

Design depending on the device

Senseless will create beautiful newsletters,if they eventually still appear incorrectly for a number of users. If the email was not opened properly, it is very unlikely that the user will open it from another device later. Most likely, the message will be deleted immediately, and a person can even unsubscribe from the mailing list and decide not to use the services.

html letter templates

To solve this problem, two solutions are possible. The first option is html template letters that will change their size depending on the screen size. This method is more easily implemented in terms of coding and is applicable to simple designs that will be distinguishable even on small devices. Another solution is a responsive design, not just diminishing in size, but fully adapting to different screens. This option is somewhat more difficult to implement, and not always browsers and e-mail clients support it correctly.

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