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It's no secret that online games have become real,a full-fledged sport in recent years. It is difficult to argue with this: in the world matches for Dota or Counter Strike have been held for a long time, and teams participating in the most famous elite champions in these disciplines have the opportunity to break the jackpot - to win a million prize in their game. Not bad, is it true, you earn fees, playing?

But that's not the point. It so happened that humanity loves sports because of its unpredictability. This is a kind of intrigue: to watch how the teams are fighting, how the confrontation is going, how the winning spirit is brought up in the game. All this, of course, is in online sports. And it is not surprising that even around such unconventional disciplines as Counter Strike, for example, there appeared a whole new type of industry that reminds the bookmaker office. This is How to bet on this site, and how the betting system works on Counter Strike in general, we will tell in this article.

how to bet on csgolounge

In general, Counter Strike

Surely many people know this game. Perhaps someone even competed with friends in who wins who. Counter Strike 1.6 is a legendary game in which millions of people around the world have played and continue to play. But the stakes that Csgolounge makes do not apply to this version of the game, but to CS: Global Offensive. Its specificity is somewhat different: here the user can play with those items that he has available, and not buy them in each round (as was the case in version 1.6). Therefore, the value can be called not only the ability to play, as in the popular version, but also the items (mostly - weapons) that the player possesses. Only thanks to this system of development of players and you can organize a similar bookmaker office. If anyone does not know how to bet on Csgolounge, we answer: "game currency" is considered to be game items, which are valued in real dollars.

For example, a gun of a certain modification will cost $ 2.17, while a sniper rifle will cost $ 6.97.

csgolounge com how to bet

Make a bet

The bet in this system is very simple. However, before you bet on Csgolounge, you will need to create an account. Make it easy: as elsewhere, you need to fill out the fields with contact information, confirm your email address and other data. Creating an account is also important. Since in this article we write about and how to bet on this site, the registration process should also be mentioned (although this is already obvious).

In the internal interface of the service, if we wantto make a bet, the first thing you need, of course, decide on the match. In the corresponding tab, you can find a list of game matches that you can work with. As in the bookmakers, here are the coefficients of winning each team. The stronger the players, the greater the percentage. Choose a match and at the same time put it on one of the teams.

In the menu of betting (even if you do not know,how to bet on Csgolounge, you will still understand, because it is intuitively clear) you will see your inventory. The window will display all the items that are in your possession. Remember: you can choose no more than 4 things. In addition, without making a bet, but wanting to take the weapon, you can return your item. However, do not hope that you will return the weapon with your own name sticker - most likely, it will be another thing of the same kind. Another important thing: the winning indicator is displayed in the Value column, and, of course, the higher it is - the lower the percentage of the team to win.

about csgolounge com and how to bet

To give your things, you need firstselect the command, then the weapon, then wait for the message: Your offer is ready, after which you just need to confirm the exchange. Thus, the thing will be forced, and all you need is to wait for the game itself. In fact, at this stage you will already know how to bet on Csgolounge on your favorite teams.

We take away the winnings

After your bet wins (if it'shappens), you can see the won in My Items. Here, in order to get your items back, you need to request a return (Request Returns). After that you just need to confirm the specified action.


In general, we should not forget that the is the same bookmaker. Here you risk losing items for which you gave real money. Therefore, before you work out some kind of winning strategy, we recommend training at smaller bets.

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