As with "Contact" download music on the phone: instructions and tips

Listen to your favorite music while on the road topass the time and please yourself, - what could be better? Once our peers used cassette and CD players for these purposes, but later there were more compact options that also provide a higher quality of sound - mp3 players. But soon they repeated the fate of cameras, and the player's function became available in mobile phones - it's great when everything you need is at hand and you do not need to carry a lot of devices with you. Widely spread WiFi networks and mobile Internet has led to the fact that it is now much easier to download your favorite ringtones directly to your phone, however how to do it for free? Is it possible to download music from the social network?

Music library "VKontakte"

How to download music from phone to phone

The popularity of the social network "VKontakte",undoubtedly, is due not only to the possibility of convenient and instant communication with people of interest, but also extensive audio and video materials. Navigation is built in such a way that each user can individually build their own music library. "But how can I download music to my phone from the" Contact "?" - Users are often asked who are attracted by the convenience of navigation and the presence of interesting tracks, which in the future are difficult to find on the Internet for search. There are a few tricks here. The fact is that Apple, for example, has a very strict policy with respect to copyrights to the content being posted, and the fact that the VKontakte site contains unlicensed materials has led to the blocking of the same name application for smartphones and, later, to the limitation of the possibility of a background listening to music. How to download music to your phone for free through "Contact"? Answers - more!

"Lifshaki" for owners of smartphones on the operating system iOS

How to download music from a contact to your phone

After limiting the background player functionin the official VKontakte application, users found several more options for downloading music to the smartphone. The first option - the most simple and least tadosortrate - is the background playback of the music library via the built-in Safari browser. You just need to go to the site, log in and enter the "Audio Records" section - the music will continue to play in the background when you need to close the Safari application or block the smartphone. The only disadvantage of this method is the complexity of navigation and the ability to listen to music exclusively online. To download music to your mobile phone from "Contact", special programs come to the aid of users: Fonoteca, Color player. They make it possible to save music directly on the phone and are much more convenient in terms of navigation.

How to download music from "Contact" to the phone on the Android operating system

Download music on your phone for free via contact

Owners of smartphones on Android are luckya little more - the developers of this operating system do not have the same radical views on the placement and use of content, as in Apple, so downloading music is much easier. How can I download music to my phone from the "Contact"? First, you can use the usual official application "VKontakte", which is available on Google Play. With it, background music playback and all the necessary functionality are available. If for some reason the use of the official application does not work, for example, you need a player that plays music without connecting to a cellular network, there is another option that shows how to download music from "Contact" to the phone. Firstly, using scripts to download music, you can save the necessary tracks on your computer, and then transfer them to your phone using the phone's connection via USB. Secondly, there are also convenient extensions from the Google Play market that allow you to download music directly to your phone and listen to it using the built-in player: for example, Music Pulse or Vkontakte Music Sync.

How to download music from "Contact"?

Download music to your mobile phone from the contact

As already mentioned, using a computeryou can download audio files from the VKontakte network, and then use the USB connection or iTunes to save files on the device for further playback in the built-in audio player. In order to answer the question about how to download music to the phone from the "Contact", you can use various extensions or scripts. The most popular program is VK Saver - a plug-in that is downloaded to the device and allows you to add the ability to download files from Contacts, there are also sites where you can search for a track by name and download it from the VK library: VK Music, VK Sound. In general, the user can try several ways to choose the most suitable for himself and in the future to know how to download music to the phone from the "Contact"!

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